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‘Duck Dynasty’ TV Show May Be Over, but This Is Just the Beginning

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Duck Dynasty took a faith-filled family in the swamps of Louisiana and catapulted them into our hearts. After 11 seasons, they’re saying goodbye to the silver screen.  
With lovable characters like Uncle Si, Miss Kay and the Robertson brothers, the family became a weekly staple in many Christian households, as well as pop culture and even political icons.  
Though their A&E run may be over, it seems the family is moving forward in the Great Commission. Here’s what some of the members are up to now: 
Phil Robertson: The family patriarch was most recently found campaigning for Donald Trump, who took the election victory earlier this month. Robertson also stars in Torchbearer, where he visits historic sites around the world and makes a case for societies maintaining a strong relationship with God.
Kay Robertson: The family matriarch’s best-selling cookbook continues to fly off shelves as she joins Phil for speaking engagements around the country.  
Willie Robertson: The CEO of Duck Commander, who is married to Korie Robertson, frequently campaigned for Donald Trump and recently wrote The American Fisherman 
Jep Robertson: Married to Jessica, the youngest son of Kay and Phil is often spotted behind the camera filming his family’s antics. He and his wife adopted a baby earlier this year. Jep and Jessica star in a spin-off titled Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty.
Jase Robertson: Jase runs the manufacturing portion of the Duck Commander business. He and wife, Missy, recently celebrated the marriage of their son, Reed. He travels on the speaking circuit, making appearances at Pentecostal churches. Missy is the keynote speaker at events across the country as well.  
Sadie Robertson: Willie and Korie’s daughter is arguably in the pop culture spotlight more than any other member of the family. She’s on her Live Original tour right now and recently wrote the fictional novel Life Just Got Real.  
Si Robertson: Beloved Uncle Si will star in a new spin-off show, according to the multiple reports. Titled Si-Ralthe episodes will follow Si across the country as he dives into further antics—and possibly the music business?
We’ll miss this family as they transition off our television screens, but we’ll still see them around, impacting culture for Christ. 
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