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In, and for, such a time as this

Brian Schrauger

I woke up this morning anxious to see the results of the US election.
President Trump.
What does it mean? For Israel, and the world, it means unpredictability. As global powers teeter on the edge of a massive war ready to ignite only miles from Jerusalem, the role that Trump will play is unknown.
As I wrote yesterday, the Kuznetzov Naval Group has just arrived near the coast of Syria, Turkey – and Israel. It includes Russia’s best aircraft carrier, best battleships and best submarines. As I write these words, the envoy is engaging in a “major aeronautics exercise” just east of Crete.

One of Russia’s apparent objectives is to heighten military operations in Syria with in order to defeat ISIS and secure Assad’s government in Syria…

…and to do these things before Trump is sworn into office on 20 January 2017.

Will he make it into office before an explosive war begins? And if he does, will his policies make things better or worse?
In such a time as this, God knows. Indeed, he does. But the certainty that he knows is not a call to relax. Just the opposite.

Important portions of what God knows about our times are revealed in his Word. It is not a pretty picture. And it is not a summons to chill.

When Yeshua predicted the days in which we live, he warned about false messiahs, false prophets, global wars, natural disasters and persecution of God’s family. We will even see, he said, the abomination of desolation …standing in the holy place — right here, in Jerusalem.
How then should we live in such a time as this?
According to Yeshua, we must be on the alert. Peter later wrote that being alert requires sobriety; that is, clear thinking.
This is exactly what the Jerusalem Journal is about: being on the alert with clear thinking as events unfold around us; and getting word out about those events to believers around the world – from Jerusalem.
Will you invest in this, transferring a portion of your temporal wealth to a heavenly account that is a permanent inheritance? 

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In, and for, such a time as this…


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