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The Reason Millions of Born-Again Christians Will Vote for Hillary Clinton Will Shock You

She is a smooth criminal. She is the consort of a sex addict. She is chugging the longest train of scandal and lawlessness in history toward the White House. Box cars overflow with federal crimes, defilement, unexplained deaths, pathological lies and an insatiable lust for power. She wants the savagery of late-term abortion. She believes marriage is between a man and anything.
However, the greatest horror resides in the caboose: She will feed and expand the cancer of Obama’s policies. Thus, she will turn up the blood-letting of government spending and doom our children. Our foreign policy will be one big blazing Benghazi. Our Supreme Court will become a left-wing meat grinder. Obamacare is dead; no mind, she will manage the morgue so the corpse putrefies our health care system indefinitely.
Say you wanted to craft the quintessential anti-Christian candidate. Monger a politician that is the most anti-Bible, anti-church, anti-Israel, anti-God human being on the planet: Thy name is Hillary Clinton.
Yet, with all of this, millions of born-again, holiness, tongue-talking, Bible-thumping Christians are dutifully and catatonically pulling the lever for her. She has also said that religious beliefs need to be changed. Think of that, she would change Christian beliefs and millions of Christians will help her do it.
Maybe you’ll do it because you are more feminist, union or minority than you are Christian.
The article in Dallas Morning News reads: “I am a pro-life Christian woman voting for Hillary.” The author Shannon Dingle says, “So buckle up, y’all. We’re in for a ride.” Sadly, I took the ride, and it was even murkier by the end than it was at the beginning.
The polls say 80 percent percent of all African-Americans will vote for Hillary. Thirty-eight million live in the U.S. Do you think for a moment, 80 percent of the black Christians you know are anti-Bible?
We also know that many Christian white women are for Hillary. Women who listen to Joyce Meyers, women who attend prophetic conferences, women who pray in tongues, yet still, they will vote Clinton.
One of the biggest reasons for this breathtaking contradiction will shock you: It is modern preaching. Have you even wondered why your pastor is not warning you that we are about to lose our nation forever? Have you not noticed the blinding contradiction when your pastor says he believes in the Word of God and then tells you to vote for Hillary?
The preaching that allows believers to act in opposition to their faith comes in many packages. But they all carry these traits.
1. It teaches there is a higher standard than the Bible. This comes at you in all kinds of ways. There is the preaching that omits Scripture. There is the preaching that magically mixes opposing ideas so they fit together in blissful repose, i.e. Chrislam. You don’t even notice the teaching is not anchored to the Bible.
The Bible may be diminished by a pastor. They say things like: “I still revere Scripture but the modern mind finds it objectionable, so we must downplay it.”
Then there are Spirit-filled teachers who imply—or outright say—that personal prophetic words or supernatural encounters trump the Bible.
Is there any wonder millions of Christians sitting under such verbiage lack the moral clarity to do the right thing in this election?
2. It desperately wants cultural acceptance. So much of the confusing waffling you hear from celebrity pastors is not a conviction; it is a need for acceptance from the culture. When virtually every news outlet, Hollywood, pop stars and secular universities are in lockstep with Hillary, the pressure to conform is overwhelming.
A pastor tosses his Bible values and suddenly becomes a darling to millions who declare that pastor open-minded, inclusive and tolerant.
Regardless of how glaring the evil, this preaching refuses to offend. Joel Osteen said to Larry King, “I know homosexuality is a sin, but I am not going to preach it.”
Here is preaching that calculates truth with a wet finger raised to cultural breezes instead of a heart that discerns the wind of the Holy Spirit.
Moral clarity is almost nonexistent. If it is gone from the sermon, small wonder it is gone from the voting booth.
3. It teaches elitism that exempts Christians from consequences. This pernicious teaching places the Christian above Scripture, above consequence and even above God.
It begins with true statements about the authority of the believer or the wonders of the love and grace of God. The teacher, seeing the delight he awakens in his audience, increases the dosage beyond Bible limits.
Soon you are hearing that you never have to repent of sin. You hear of astounding dominion you have over all of the earth. You are fed a constant diet of how God is so, so into you.
You are too valuable to suffer (like other Christians around the world). No matter how bad it looks, you do not have to worry or take action because God will simply take care of it all.
Revival becomes “if God wants it” and not “if My people.”
Will Christians be judged by God for voting for Hillary? Eric Metaxas not only thinks so, but he also makes a compelling appeal for voting for Donald Trump:
“How do I squirm out of this horrific conundrum? It’s unavoidable: We who can vote must answer to God for these people, whom He loves. We are indeed our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.
We would be responsible for passively electing someone who champions the abomination of partial-birth abortion, someone who is celebrated by an organization that sells baby parts. We already live in a country where judges force bakers, florists and photographers to violate their consciences and faith—and Mrs. Clinton has zealously ratified this. If we believe this ends with bakers and photographers, we are horribly mistaken. No matter your faith or lack of faith, this statist view of America will dramatically affect you and your children.
For many of us, this is very painful, pulling the lever for someone many think odious. But please consider this: A vote for Donald Trump is not necessarily a vote for Donald Trump himself. It is a vote for those who will be affected by the results of this election. Not to vote is to vote. God will not hold us guiltless.”
Hillary just said this about the new FBI investigation of her: “People Have Already ‘Factored’ in Emails in How They Think about Me.”  She also believes this is true of millions of born Christians. They have factored what she is, but they will vote for her anyway. 
Mario Murillo is a California-based evangelist and an author.
This article was originally published at Used with permission.
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