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Planned Parenthood Action
Planned Parenthood has used its Generation Action groups on college campuses to push its pro-abortion agenda for years, now its expanding to high school campuses around the country. (Planned Parenthood photo)

This Is Planned Parenthood’s Newest Sick and Twisted Move

Coming soon to a public school near you: The Planned Parenthood Club, where students are indoctrinated about all the “good things” the abortionist organization does for women and how “reproductive rights” trump all other God-given rights.
Actually, it’s called the Planned Parenthood Generation Action, and its goals are:
  • to provide education, outreach, and advocacy opportunities to support the goals of Planned Parenthood;
  • to create a network with other students who support Planned Parenthood; and
  • to engage in the political process to win elections and pass “pro-reproductive freedom” legislation.
The PPGA website states:
Planned Parenthood Generation Action is a movement of young people across identities and issues that organizes with, by and for their generation in order to achieve reproductive freedom; led by the Youth Organizing Team at Planned Parenthood which leverages their expertise in youth organizing, leadership development, voter engagement programs and infrastructure to motivate, empower, train and provide resources to support young people, affiliates, and partners in building power nationally.
There are student leaders all over the country active in the Planned Parenthood Generation Action network! If you’d like to be connected to your local group or if you’d like to join us, contact us!
We’ll connect you with the Planned Parenthood Generation Action team and your local Planned Parenthood organization. Please complete our contact form and someone from Planned Parenthood will be in touch with you shortly.
According to the list of “more than 275” chapters, they are all located on college campuses. Most of them are not identifying by the PPGA name, perhaps as a means to escape public scrutiny.
But Breitbart News is reporting the program is now moving into its first high school campus, the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies in Richmond, Virginia. According to the report, the club held its first meeting a little more than a month ago.
The high school for gifted students noted in its morning announcements the club was a means for “getting community service hours this election season.” The PPGA website advocates for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with its “I’m With Her to Pink-Out the Vote” campaign, and includes an article titled “It’s Up to Us to Bring [Donald] Trump Down.”
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