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This week, Jews all over the world will be renewing the cycle of the weekly Torah portion starting with the very first book in the Hebrew Bible: Genesis. Our rabbis ask an important question: if the Bible is essentially a book of law, as evidenced by the plethora of commandments, why does it begin with the stories of creation? Would it not make more sense to skip the stories and start with the legal sections of the Torah? Rashi, a famed medieval commentator, explains that one day the nations of the world will accuse the Jewish People of stealing the Land of Israel. In response, the Jews will point to the Bible which begins by telling us that God created the heaven and the earth. Since God is the Creator of the world, He may give it to whomever He wishes. With this realization, it is understood that the Land of Israel is God’s to give to Abraham and his descendants.

Can a Desert Nation Save the World?

From California to Africa, the world is facing a global water shortage. But one tiny country, in the middle of a desert, has found remarkable solutions that may just save millions.

Why are Christians Adopting Jewish Practice of Studying Weekly Torah Portion?

As Jews the world over mark the beginning of a new year-long cycle of Torah reading, a newer, unexpected group of students is gearing up to do the same: Christians seeking to return to their roots.

Today’s Israel Photo

At the very beginning, there was only God. Gazing upon the serenity of a new day, it’s not hard to imagine the whole world as it was thousands of years before humankind made its mark. Photo by Yehoshua Halevi.

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Dear Rabbi Tuly, Thank you to you and your team for Israel365. It’s truly an inspiration and I look forward to receiving it each day and cannot wait to read all it has to say. I love Israel and her people and had the privilege of visiting Israel in March this year, an experience I shall treasure for as long as I live. Today though, I am very, very sad and shocked to have read in Breaking Israel News that South Africa voted in favour of the UNESCO resolution. I am a South African but one that stands with Israel 100%. I will continue to pray for the peace and protection of Jerusalem and all of Israel’s chosen people. God bless you. Pam Joynt from Greyton, South Africa

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