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The Accuser vs. Donald Trump—and Us All

I’ve hesitated to write this article in the chance it might be misconstrued as entering into the fray of this crazy election cycle. But you can put your pitchfork down.
This isn’t a political persuasion piece, but it’s a current-event case study in the strategies of Satan against us all.
By now, who hasn’t heard about the lewd talk and assault allegations dredged up against Donald Trump from some 11-30 years ago? It’s ugly stuff, to be sure. The comments unveiled on the Access Hollywood tape are disgusting.
And the allegations, if true, are the substance of nightmares. But that’s precisely what sin is. Let’s not be naïve. Whatever the infraction, when exposed, it’s never rosy.
But if you’re a Christian, these October surprises shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. Not because of what we know about Donald Trump’s sordid past, but because this tactic being waged against him has the signature of Satan all over it. Keep reading.
Trump’s Transformation
To continue, I confess that an assumption must be made. We must accept the rumor that sometime since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump made a profession of faith. Dr. James Dobson believes this to be true. I can’t know for sure, and neither can you. But for the purpose of this teaching, let’s assume it is.
When Donald Trump believed in and confessed the lordship of Christ for his life, the Bible assures he was saved (Rom. 10:9). In this moment, he was transformed from a man dead in sin to a man alive “in Christ.” This marked the inauguration of a metamorphosis in which old things passed away and all things became new (2 Cor. 5:17).
The implications of this are staggering for anyone. Consider its effects. As a new person in Christ, the spiritual consequence of sins such as lustful thoughts, crude language, sexual perversion, theft or cheating are gone.
Yes, the record of those transgressions are cancelled by the power of the cross (Col. 2:14). One in Christ is now identified by a new record—the record of Jesus, which includes being called God’s child (Gal. 3:26), loved unconditionally (Rom. 8:38) and declared righteous (2 Cor. 5:21). Anyone who’s saved gets to claim this re-born identity for himself or herself, including Donald Trump.
The Strategies of Satan
Before one’s salvation, Satan works vehemently to thwart any opportunities for it (this is why Satan means “adversary”). But if he fails, he moves on to a second strategy, which is to assume the role of accuser (Rev. 12:11). As accuser, Satan deploys reminders of the past in attempts to convince that nothing changed. That is, he wants the saved to believe that old things didn’t pass way and that maybe God has not forgiven them.
The Greek word for his name, “Devil,” gives even more insight into how he works. It’sdiabolos, which means, “slanderer.” As we know, to slander is to make a false statement that’s damaging to a person’s reputation.
And there’s no better way to describe the goal of Satan’s accusations. Whether a new Christian like Donald Trump or a decades-old Christian like some of us, Satan constantly seeks to dredge up the past in order to slander one’s identity in Christ.
Because Satan is crafty, he also knows just when to bring the past into the present. He often holds out until the moment just before something new or monumental. I know this all too well.
As I chronicle in my book, Silence Satan, within the first few months after I launched my ministry, my mind was bombarded by vicious reminders of my every sin since potty training! During this time, accusations overwhelmed me. “Look what you’ve done; God can’t use you,” they taunted.
I’m certain that the goal of Satan’s accusations was to convince me to quit. And that’s why I’m not surprised by this sudden onslaught against Donald Trump. Undoubtedly, the devil wants to silence the Donald; he wants him to give up. Perhaps not for political reasons, but at least for the reason he wants to silence you and me: bold Christians pose a huge threat to tear down his sham kingdom.
What’s a Donald to Do?
When you find yourself the subject of Satan’s slander, there are only two choices: 1) continue to entertain his threats and live in guilt, shame and defeat, or 2) learn how to silence them and live in victory. Obviously, the latter is what I’m here to discuss.
After the assault I suffered, I had to finally accept that God’s Word and what He says about me are more real than what I feel, what happened in my past or what anyone has ever said about me. Regardless of how vivid or devastating, I determined that I wouldn’t allow these reminders to intimidate me. Rather, I would stand steadfast and silence Satan’s assaults with declarations of truth from God’s Word.
This is when the idea for my Shut Up, Devil! app first came to mind. I believed a mobile app would be an effective means to put the power of God’s Word in my pocket to confront whatever issue I faced, whenever I faced it. In the end, what I thought was simply a handy tool for me has now helped tens of thousands silence Satan’s threats against them too. (You may download it free at
None of us are exempt from the enemy’s accusations. And the greater the impact of your destiny, the more you can count on them. While it’s true that you can’t change the past, you don’t have to be ruled or shut down by it.
The solution to overcome Satan’s strategy against you is to shut him up with the truth of God’s Word consistently flowing through your mind and your mouth. When you’re convinced of who you are and what you have in Christ, you will keep Satan silenced in your life. 
Kyle Winkler equips people to live in victory. His mobile appShut Up, Devil!, is the No. 1 spiritual warfare app, and his recent bookSilence Satan, has helped thousands shut down the enemy’s attacks, threats, lies and accusations. Kyle holds a Master of Divinity in biblical studies from Regent University. Get daily encouragement from Kyle on Facebook and Twitter.
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