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Islam is not only a religion, it is a political regime. (Flickr )

Why Believers Must Face the Subject of Islam Head On

Standing With Israel
Information about Islam is not easy for Americans to digest. The names are long and unfamiliar and many Arabic words are not easily translated into English.
Islamists have an incredible number of organizations with names that are long and similar to each other. Often, authors use initials and this makes it doubly hard for the English reader to remember what both the name and the initials stand for.
Many Islamist documents are written in Arabic, with little incentive for Islamists to translate them into English, especially when they contain strategies to conquer non-Muslim nations and place them under Sharia law.
So for most Americans, the Islamic lifestyle, laws and culture are in the “unknown” category. Besides, who doesn’t know there are many wonderful, good Muslims who accept the values of the Western countries they live in? So the whole thing is confusing. How can a person know what is good and what is evil?
The answer is, we must face the subject of Islam head on. A Muslim person may be an entirely model citizen. But the religion of Islam, and those who study and adhere to its laws (sharia) must be analyzed and understood. Sharia is the law of true Islam.
For Western democracies, Islam is the perfect storm. Because Islam is a religion, it is untouchable in the West. In a democracy, adherents of a religion are free to practice their religion. It is guaranteed by the American Constitution. That means it is not to be suppressed, or harassed or even critiqued in polite society. (At least that is the theory. As we know, the rights to practice a Bible-based faith are now being encroached upon on every side.)
But here’s the catch. Islam, as presented by the Quran and Muhammad, is not only a religion. It is also a political regime. More than that, it is a way of life that is absolute.
But that’s not all. Islam is an ideology with arrow-sharp goals. The mission that Muhammad left to his followers is to conquer the world and force Islam on every human being. The methods may be different. ISIS, al-Qaida, the Ayatollahs of Iran, the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia—they are bent on conquering the world through brute force. There are other movements though (notably the Muslim Brotherhood) that believe they can and will conquer the world through the political process.
Both violent and the non-violent Islamists have exactly the same goals. Different methods. Same goals. They are convinced that Islam will conquer the world and the entire human race will become Muslim. Islamic scholars proclaim that one day Jesus will return and He Himself will oversee the job of converting Christians and those of all religions to Islam.
It is true that for some centuries, Islam slept. Its warriors did not really pursue the conquest of the world. But note this: Since the Jewish people began to return to their own land promised on oath by the God of Israel, Islam has awoken. Its warriors have now become a worldwide movement. For all members of the religions of the world—except Christianity and Judaism—you die or become a Muslim. However, according to Islam, if you are a Christian or Jew, theoretically you can pay a tax to Islam which will buy your life. Practically speaking, however, many jihadis kill anyone who is not a Muslim.
Today, Islam has found a new weapon which has become extremely successful. This weapon is seemingly invincible. Because of wars introduced by Muslims against Muslims, and because of the poverty endemic in almost all Islamic states, refugees and migrants are invading Europe and the Western nations. Note that the oil-rich Arab nations are not accepting one single Muslim refugee, although they have the same culture, similar diets, the same language and certainly the same religion. Not one. Other autocratic governments are also not allowing this invading army of refugees to cross their borders.
But democracies have little defense against this human invasion. The remarkable phenomenon is that the Muslim masses are willing to risk their lives to escape the horrors of Islamic wars and poverty. But when their feet touch the promised lands of the democratic West, they do not want, for the most part, to integrate into Western society.
It’s too restrictive.
Only one wife? It’s against the law to beat their women? After all, in Muslim lands, it is a man’s world. So after they arrive in the new world, they begin to duplicate and spread their religious-political ideology in the West—and turn their new land into a duplication of the very cultural civilization from which they fled.
Obviously there is a strong spiritual element to these massive changes taking place in Western civilization. Here’s just one piece to the puzzle: For century upon century, England and Europe exiled and murdered the Jewish people. Through the last two millennia, anti-Semitism became a huge, organic part of European Christianity’s DNA.
This was primarily due to replacement theology, which teaches that God has rejected the Jews because of their sins, and therefore Jews as God’s Chosen People have been replaced by Christians. Today, only a small remnant of Jews is to be found in any of these now post-Christian European nations. Instead, 60 million Muslims, many of them militants, have taken their place.
Over the last few decades, the American government and institutions of higher learning have also turned their back on their Judeo-Christian moorings. Government officials and judges, along with university professors and scholars are aggressively fighting God’s standards as revealed in the Bible.
Now Islam is taking root—seen and unseen—in America’s government, universities and businesses. Because Islamists use vociferous pushback to any challenge of their goals to overthrow the Western way of life, both the ordinary citizen and intellectual elites are petrified to open their mouths about suspicious Islamic activities for fear of being called Islamophobic. Islam is spreading in America without challenge.
One last note: Don’t ever let anyone fool you into believing that Allah and the God of the Bible are the same God. Here’s how you can know for sure. Allah hates the God of Israel. Allah hates the Jews. Allah hates even the word “Zion”—the name that the God of the Bible promised will be His eternal resting place on Earth. Allah has told his followers to destroy Israel.
The God of Israel has promised that in the last days His Chosen People will come back to their own land which God promised the Jewish people with an oath. He has chosen the name “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” (whose name God changed to Israel).
There are countless other differences, but the people who understand God’s plan for Israel, for its people to return to land of Israel and the God of Israel (not return to “religion”), will not be deceived by Allah—who is literally an anti-God.
In early 2015, I began to write about Islam’s growth in the United States in the monthly Maoz Israel Report. Since then, Islam’s expansion and influence have exploded, especially in government. So I have taken those articles I wrote, plus the latest developments and put them into my book, The Islamic Strategy to Conquer America.
As I watch events unfold from my home in Israel, I am convinced there has never, ever been a time as serious as this for America’s God-fearing citizens to be aware of what is happening. The disintegration of Biblical values and principles has left an enormous spiritual vacuum, giving way to the ever-encroaching influence of Islam in this nation.
Be aware. Be in prayer. Be pro-active. 
Excerpted from Shira Sorko-Ram’s book, The Islamic Strategy to Conquer America, 2016.
Along with her husband, Ari, Shira Sorko-Ram is a pioneer of the Messianic Jewish Movement in israel and the founder of Tiferet Yeshua in downtown Tel Aviv. They are also the founders and directors of Maoz Israel Ministries.                                                                           
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