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In October, many things will be realigned in your life, including your vision. (Flickr )

5 Prophetic Revelations About God’s October Surprise

Prophetic Insight, from Charisma Media

When the Lord spoke to me in August 2016 about the things that will begin to take place in October 2016, He said, “There is an October Surprise.” I didn’t know whether it would be good or bad.
What we have to remember about a surprise is that it is always a disclosure of things that have been hidden. The October surprise is just beginning. As it turns out it’s not just one surprise but many surprises.
Below are bullet points on some good things He said would begin at Rosh Hashanah, Oct. 2, 2016:
Realignment of Relationships
The winds of apostolic change are blowing across the land and realigning you. The Lord is ready to re-position you for His kingdom harvest. Some who have been with you in the past can’t go to the place God is taking you. Be willing to cut unhealthy soul ties and move forward into an ordained destiny. At Rosh Hashanah (begins Oct. 2), the Lord will unlock brand-new doors of destiny for you. Let go of your baggage. It can’t go to the new place the Lord has for your destiny.
Realignment of Assignment                                                                                        
Jesus said, if it’s not bearing fruit cut it off. There is a realignment of assignment that is coming to you. Take inventory of what your ministry is doing. Is it bearing fruit? If it’s not bearing fruit, it’s time to move on. Leave it. As we come into Rosh Hashanah (Oct. 2) the Lord is going to impart new assignments. With these new assignments will come another level of authority to accomplish His plan in the earth. Make sure that you discard old baggage and get out of baggage claim. Stop rehearsing your trauma and drama. A new, unusual and exciting assignment is coming your way. 
Realignment of Vision                                                                                                      
The Holy Spirit continues to send apostolic winds realigning your vision. How do you see? Do you see God bring a greater awakening (National Revival) into the earth or do you see it having no hope? Do you see the way heaven sees?  Heaven sees in seven dimensions, and heaven responds to what it sees (Zech. 4:10; Rev. 5:6). Align your vision with heaven and you will begin to receive heavenly results.
Doomsday preachers offer little to no hope. It’s because man is reacting to what he sees in the earth rather than responding to the vision of heaven. There is hope if you begin seeing the way heaven sees. At Rosh Hashanah, the Lord will impart new vision. His vision will release heaven into Earth. Will you respond or react? Prune your negative mindset that has no faith and begin responding in faith to Christ’s vision. A new vision awaits you!
Realignment of Identity                               
Holy Spirit continues to send you apostolic winds to realign you for His kingdom purpose. These winds are here to challenge your identity. Some today have a false identity and can’t find their way. Those in LGBTQ community struggle with having a true identification. Some within the church have found their identity in pastors, programs, function and ministry. The co-dependency between ministers and sheep has created identification dysfunction. You’re so busy with things you haven’t found the “One Thing” (Ps. 27:4).
Your distinction can only be found in Christ. Realignment of your identity is essential in order for you to fulfill His destiny in your life. At Rosh Hashanah, a huge reset began to take place. Be ready, forsake your former identity and go after Him, and you will be found in Him (Phil. 3:9). As you go after Him, you will take on His character. In Him I live and move, and have my being (Acts 17:28).
Realignment of Paradigms
The winds of apostolic change continue to blow in your life. These winds are blowing against the paradigms that keep you from moving forward into your God inheritance. Think differently! When John the Baptist and Jesus said, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” they were saying, “Think differently because the kingdom of heaven is here.” Beginning at Rosh Hashanah, watch as paradigm shifts begin to take place. Think differently—heaven will open up over you and your inheritance will begin to come in. (“Repent,” Greek word metanoia, means to think differently.) 
Ken Malone is being used by God to mobilize the body of Christ throughout Florida and the nation. After being a pastor for 24 years, Ken has recently stepped down from a pastoral position. This has allowed God to launch Ken into his apostolic role within Florida and the nation. He is an ordained minister and serves as the founder of Forerunner Ministries and serves on the board of Dutch Sheets Ministries. Ken also serves as one of the leaders of Network Ekklesia International, an Apostolic Network founded by Dutch Sheets. Ken walks in a governmental apostolic mantle that releases the body of Christ into their destiny. He also ministers with a prophetic, seer anointing which enables him to identify activate and release redemptive gifts in individuals, churches and cities.
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