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Elul – Tishrei 5776
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1016 - Hillary Clinton


By Shira Sorko-Ram

(Excerpts from The Islamic Strategy to Conquer America)

There are titanic shifts taking place in Washington D.C. Under the watch of President Barack Obama, a flock of Muslim aides and advisors have been welcomed into the White House. They have surely had a strong influence in the Muslim-leaning policies the president has initiated in the last eight years. One might hope the next president, whoever that may be, would not have this heavy bent toward Islam.

Wrong. There is a strong chance there will even be greater Islamic influence impacting the White House with the next administration. Why? Because although the New York Times doesn’t know this, nor does CNN, ABC or NBC, Islamists have a single ultimate goal, an all-consuming and focused mission to the world – to conquer all nations for Allah and to establish his Sharia law.

Devout Muslims deeply believe they will bring world peace to the globe by converting the entire human race to Islam. Their explicit mission can be found in thousands, no hundreds of thousands of documents. In countless video clips you can witness Islamic clerics, authors and scholars preaching their gospel. From the mouths of multiplied hundreds of Jihadist militias, gangs and armies, they promise terror and death to the infidels – all who refuse to convert to Islam.

Terrorism is, of course, one of the main Islamic tools to bring their “peace” to the world. But terrorism is certainly not the only weapon of choice. The Muslim Brotherhood prefers to use diplomacy, money, education, persuasion and elections to conquer the Western world. At least in the beginning. They look for weak spots to replace the democratic fabric with their Sharia worldview.

Their methods? Use education. Indoctrinate naïve students. Give scholarships to educate future professors. Donate large sums of money to universities. Use intimidation to keep the media scared and silent. Repeat endlessly that Islam is a religion of peace. Use lawyers and lobbyists to threaten legal action against critics of their religion. Shout “Islamophobia!” Repeat endlessly that Muslims are the victims of Western abuse and hatred. Contribute large sums to charities of people with influence. Mosques? Build! Build! Build! And always remember: few weapons are more potent than deception.

There are a thousand ways to promote the Islamic agenda. And its leaders are using them with great proficiency.


So let’s talk about a very special case. Huma Abedin.

Huma Abedin has been the inseparable assistant to Hillary Clinton for 20 years. If Clinton becomes the next president, then undoubtedly this 40 year-old aide will enjoy one of the most influential positions in the United States. But who is Huma?

The Abedins moved to Saudi Arabia when Huma was two years old. All her formative years were spent in a world more extreme in its Islamic expression than any other nation in the world. Neither she, nor her sister or even her mother would have been able to drive a car in that country. Huma would not have been allowed to leave the house without a family member.

Her Indian-born father and Pakistaniborn mother were themselves steeped in “Wahabbi” Islamic theology, and therefore jumped at the invitation to use their talents to spread Islamic doctrine. Huma’s parents were Islamic scholars. Until today Huma’s mother works tirelessly in many different organizations to spread Sharia throughout the world, especially in Western countries. (; link:

At 18 years old, the Saudi-raised young woman came back to the U.S. and enrolled in George Washington University in 1994, which had a very active Muslim Students Association (MSA). By 1997, she was on the MSA Executive Board as the Head of Social Committee.

Muslim Students Association’s Executive Board of 1997 lists Huma Abedin as head of Social Committee.
Huma served from 1997-1999, while at the same time working for Hillary Clinton.


Trustee report of the Islamic Trust of the pro-sharia
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in Britain lists
Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef as Chairman of the Board.
Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi was also a Board trustee until 2006.
Huma’s brother, Hassan Abedin is listed as fellow of the Board.

So what’s the problem? There’s a huge problem. Most groups affiliated with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood actually grew out of MSA.

Even more disturbing, in 2001 the Muslim chaplain of the George Washington Muslim Students Association chapter in which Huma Abedin previously served on its executive board was none other than Anwar al-Awlaki, the now notorious al- Qaeda figure who was mentoring some of the 9/11 hijackers.(; lnk:

The plain facts reveal the Muslim Students Association has played a key role in the Muslim Brotherhood-led Islamic Movement in North America. So if there are lengthy and well-documented investigative reports with original sources so easily available for all to see, why doesn’t the mainstream media take the time to make even a cursory search? Answer: Islamists know how to fight back. And fight they do. When anyone questions Islamic goals or methods, they simply cry “religious persecution” or “Islamophobia!” That is enough to keep virtually all the liberal press at bay.


Think about this: The only groups of people who are truly aware of the dangers of Islam’s theology are born-again Christians, Messianic Jews and Israelis. The first two understand that Islam is an evil false religion that would willingly slaughter, if possible, every person who refuses to convert to Islam. The Israeli people understand the deadly goals of this religion because Islamic leaders remind Israelis daily of their determination to destroy the Jewish state.

But what about Americans in general? With each passing year, Christianity and Judaism have become less important to a majority of its citizens. Without that Biblical compass, Americans are being blind-sided by the ambitions of Islam.

However, those of us who do care must face the facts – the Muslim Students Association with hundreds of chapters across America is the most effective tool for da’wah – Islamic proselytizing (or evangelism if you will) to Islam – within the American Muslim Brotherhood movement.(; link:

MSA has gained legitimacy on American campuses as a benevolent collegiate faith club; through conferences and events, publications, website and other activities, MSA has disseminated and promoted militant Islamic ideologies on college and universities throughout America. (Ibid.)

One of Islam’s oft-repeated and most current strategies is to use all of the many Islamic institutions in the U.S. for its most immediate goal: to prevent Muslims in the United States from assimilating into American culture. The MSA is the vanguard organization for this task.

Terrorism expert Patrick Poole told CBN News his investigation of the organization reveals that the Muslim Students Association has been a virtual terror factory. “Time after time after time again,” said Poole, “we see these terrorists – and not just fringe members: these are MSA leaders, MSA presidents, MSA national presidents – who’ve been implicated, charged and convicted in terrorist plots.”(; link:

In 2008, the New York Times was still brave enough to describe a bit of the origins of the Muslim Students Association in the 1960s and 70s, describing their chapters as “basically little slices of Saudi Arabia.” Saudi rulers’ main condition for their donations to MSA: Don’t criticize Saudi Arabia. (; link:

Their goals have not changed. But now a more polished, gentler version has been created for a wider 21st century audience.

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By Shira Sorko-Ram
1016 - Hillary Clinton Visits Dar El-hekma Womens College
Hillary Clinton visits Dar El-Hekma Womens College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Huma Abedin’s mother,
Saleha Mahmoud Abedin,(wearing glasses) in hijab is the Co-Founder and now the Assistant Dean of the College.
Living under Sharia law was completely natural for Huma. Her family moved to Saudi Arabia in 1978, after her father, Dr. Syed Zainul Abedin, was recruited by Abdullah Omar Naseef, a wealthy Saudi and his long-time colleague. Naseef commissioned Dr. Abedin to co-found with him a new outreach called the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA). Its focus would be to countries where Muslims were a minority, i.e. the West.
Months later, Dr. Abedin launched the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA), again under the patronage of Naseef. The Journal became a family affair. When Dr. Abedin died in 1993, Huma’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin (aka Saleha Mahmood) became the editor of the JMMA.
One of Dr. Syed Abedin’s works was a publication titled Muslim Minorities in the West. Here is a sample reading from that book:
Islam is the religion of the whole world; sent by Allah through Muhammad to both races, the Jinn (demons) and Ins (mankind). It is a religion for all humanity as commanded by the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s correct path. This promise was confirmed since Islam did spread throughout the earth and multitudes streamed to it.(; link:


A year after Dr. Abedin’s death, Saleha and family returned to the U.S. and Saleha continued her work as the new editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. Within two years of living in the U.S., Huma received the chance of a lifetime: to serve First Lady Hillary Clinton in the White House. With two years under her belt at George Washington University, she was hired as an intern at 19 years old.
The Clintons, having spent much time enlisting donors from oil-rich Saudi Arabia for their Clinton Foundation and with many friends and connections there, most likely felt very comfortable and even fortunate to find a young lady, born in the U.S. and yet who had spent almost all of her young life in Saudi Arabia. She was a great candidate to serve Hillary Clinton.
In 1996, the same year Huma went to work for Clinton, she became the assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs of which her mother was now editor-in-chief.
From that time through at least 2008, the Abedin family – Huma, her brother Hassan, and sister Heba A. Khalid – were responsible for editorial production of what can only be called a pro-Jihadist journal.


Huma worked for at least twelve years serving on the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA) editorial board together with her father’s benefactor, Abdullah Omar Naseef. The time coincided with the years Huma was also serving as a White House intern, and then as assistant during and after Clinton’s Senate campaigns, and finally as Clinton’s traveling chief of staff during her 2008 presidential campaign.


A short background check: During his long career, Naseef is best known for being the President of the Muslim World Congress (MWC). He was also Vice President of the Saudi Shura Council – an advisory board to the Monarchy – and President of King Abdul Azziz University, at which Osama bin-Laden studied in the late 1970’s.
The bottom line – and a most troubling issue for the Abedin family – is the well documented fact that Abdullah Omar Naseef is a senior Muslim Brotherhood leadership figure and Saudi royal family insider with direct connections to financial entities implicated in pre-9/11 funding of al-Qaeda.
So here we have Naseef, for many years the patron and close associate of all the Abedin family, while Chairman of the Muslim World Congress and also General Secretary of the Muslim World League. On its own website, the Muslim World League declares it “is engaged in propagating the religion of Islam…employs all means that are not at variance with the Sharia (Islamic law) to further its aims.” (; link:

Although it describes itself a non-government organization, the Muslim World League is an effective arm of the Saudi Arabian government. (; link:

And it is no secret that despite years of promises, U.S. officials say Saudi Arabia continues to look the other way at wealthy individuals identified as quietly sending millions of dollars to al-Qaeda.
“If I could somehow snap my fingers and cut off the funding from one country, it would be Saudi Arabia,” Stuart Levey, the under secretary of the Treasury in charge of tracking terror financing, told ABC News. (Ibid.)

Naseef also founded the Rabita Trust in 1988. The United States State Department designated Rabita Trust as an al-Qaeda terrorist-financing front on September 23, 2001. (; link:

In a U.S. information report on efforts to address “Islamic Extremism,” U.S. officials testified that the Muslim World League has been linked to supporting Islamic terrorist organizations globally and the organization has a long history of anti-Semitism.(; link:

And Naseef was top man at the MWL, while working with the Abedins!
What does the American government think about all these Islamic organizations and their activities? The U.S. admits there is a dissemination of “outreach materials” which promote the growth of religious extremism globally. However, the U.S. continues, “It is difficult to determine the extent to which donors are aware of the ultimate disposition of the funds provided.”(Ibid.)

Can you see how helpless the U.S. government is in facing the extremist Islamic machine?
1016 - Editorial Board Of Journal Of Muslim Minority Affairs
Editorial Board of Journal Of Muslim Minority Affairs. This Volume 16 from 1996 lists Huma Abedin
as Assistant Editor on the pro-Sharia Journal. 1996 is the year that she also began working
for Hillary Clinton. Her mother, Saleha S. Mahmoud (Abedin) is editor and her brother Hassan Abedin
is a book review editor. Abdullah Omar Naseem is on the Advisory Editorial Board. Huma served on the journal from 1996-2008.


One question will certainly arise in the minds of many readers concerning Huma Abedin: If she is a devout Muslim, believing the Islamic theology that she and her Islamic parents distribute, how could she have married a non-Muslim, in fact a Jew, Anthony Weiner?
How could she have traveled to Saudi Arabia with Hillary Clinton to visit her mother’s college, while living a completely different lifestyle? How could Huma who had been the assistant editor of the extreme pro-Sharia Journal escape the chagrin and indignation of her family and their associates?

Huma’s lifestyle would normally humiliate a devout Islamic family. Yet her mother has never said one critical word against her daughter’s behavior. She was received at the Islamic Dar el- Hekma Women’s college in Saudi Arabia where her mother is assistant dean, with decorum and honor. How can this be?

In a nutshell, Sharia permits deceit when it promotes and expands Islam.
Walid Shoebat explains that few Westerners are familiar with the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood revival of the doctrine of Muruna, which literally means “stealth” or “flexibility.” Muruna allows Muslims to sow division and confusion in the Western world.
Muruna is accomplished by permitting behavior normally so shunned by Sharia that Westerners logically assume that they are seeing a more moderate version of Islam when such prohibitions are suddenly permitted. Westerners’ eyes are, in fact, deceiving them.
Muruna theology goes like this:
When evil and harm conflict as necessities demand, we must then choose the least of the two evils or harms. This is what the experts in jurisprudence decided … if interests and harms/evils conflict, or benefits conflict with evils, what is then to be decided is to review each benefit and each harm and its consequences, so the minor evils are forgiven for the sake of the greater long-term benefit. The evil is also accepted even if that evil is extreme and normally considered deplorable. (; link:

Of course, all of her lifestyle “evil” is forgiven if Huma is practicing Muruna for the sake of expanding influence of Islam in America.
1016 - Current Board Of Institute Of Muslim Minority Affairs
Current Board Of Institute Of Muslim Minority Affairs Lists Huma’s Mother
Saleha S. Mahmoud (Abedin) As Editor, Her Brother Hassan Abedin As Associate Editor And Her Sister
Heba A. Khalid As Assistant Editor.


When Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and four conservative congressmen wrote to the State Department in June 2012, warning that the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated the highest levels of the Obama administration, she included research on Huma Abedin. But virtually all political figures and mainstream media went into high gear against Bachmann’s claims. Even high-profile Republicans berated Bachmann for her “unwarranted and unfounded attack” on Abedin.
Bachmann took her documented information to congressmen, senators and the intelligence agencies. To no avail. Because of the extreme negative media coverage, she bowed out of the 2014 elections. (; link:

But over two hundred thousand people signed a petition to the White House demanding it declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Here is the exact response to “We the People Petition” from the White House.
We have not seen credible evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has renounced its decades-long commitment to non-violence.” (; link:

So, in the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood is not designated as a terrorist organization. Britain, Israel, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and for now, Saudi Arabia are among the nations that have declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.
But in typical Islamic pushback for American consumption, Shadi Hamid, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution responds, “The Brotherhood is not, factually speaking, a terrorist group.” Said Hamid, “The fact that some, especially in Congress, would suggest otherwise is evidence of the low quality of our foreign policy discourse.” (; link:

So Muslim Brotherhood members are free to come and go in the U.S., and many have actually become government advisors.
The result is that in the Middle East, the United States is clearly seen as a fading power with little influence over current events. Ironically, the Arab nations in the Middle East are so concerned over Iran’s rising power and soon-to-be nuclear power through the help and guidance of the U.S, that several Muslim nations are moving closer to military cooperation with Israel than ever before. Russia and Iran are filling the hole that the U.S. has left.
Michelle Bachmann’s warnings were loud and clear: “During Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, and while Abedin was Clinton’s closest aide, U.S. policy shifted to active support of the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt (which was ultimately overturned by the Egyptian public and the army), including billions of dollars in military equipment and cash to fund the Brotherhood takeover,” she declared.
Bachmann pointed out that the Saudis also have given $25 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation over the years.
“It is reasonable to ask what level of influence Huma Abedin had on Hillary Clinton to bring about that policy pivot,” Bachmann said. (; link:

There is most definitely a veil over America’s eyes. If the mainstream media were honest, they could simply go to the primary sources easily available and debate or discount them. All large media enterprises have Arabic translators who could confirm or deny these Islamic documents. Yet we are all witnesses that there is virtually 100% silence.
Think of it. If just one of these connections were true and could be proven, the public should know about it. But the press is systematically suppressing the information by threatening to tar and feather whoever dares to expose this information nationally.
Huma Abedin is Clinton’s longest serving and, by all accounts, most loyal aide. The contradictions are hard to reconcile. Until recently these articles in the Journal of Muslim Minorities Association which Huma Abedin as assistant editor to her mother, helped choose, edit and publish, have remained under wraps. And even now, few Americans are aware of Huma’s “other jobs.”
But ignoring Islam puts the United States at great peril. In Andrew McCarthy’s book The Grand Jihad, he repeats what every citizen who wants to live free must know: The mission of Islam is “to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.
“This is to be accomplished by infiltration, education, appointments and elections. They plan to supplant the American Constitutional Democracy by Islamic Law. Their plan is sabotage, to gradually eat away from within, abrading both the system and the will to preserve it.” (; link:

Gatestone Institute asks: “Being that for decades, Huma and members of her immediate family have been closely associated with individuals among the top ranks of Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda financial support organizations, and the Saudi royal family, how is it that they have given Huma Abedin security clearance and responsibilities to advise the Secretary on Middle East policy and politics? These affiliations must raise serious questions about her suitability to be so near the Seat of Power in the United States.” (; link:

1016 - Hillary Clinton Campaign

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