Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a special meeting with over 15 heads of state and representatives from African countries at the United Nations in New York in late September.
Prime Minister Netanyahu told his interlocutors that he believes that Israel could be an amazing partner for their countries. He said that technology changes everything from communications, to medicine, to agriculture and education. He noted that Israel wants to share its technology with African countries.
The African leaders told Prime Minister Netanyahu that they thanked him and Israel for its cooperation in so many fields. They added that this cooperation was very important and would benefit the citizens of Africa and improve their standard of living.
Afterwards, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife, along with Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon, attended a unique event at UN headquarters with dozens of African leaders under the heading “Israeli Technology and Innovation for Africa.” They were welcomed with applause. The event, led by the Prime Minister, is an Israeli-African summit that presents the start-up nation to the entire world.
Israeli technological firms and start-ups will present their innovative solutions to over 15 presidents, prime ministers, and ministers from Africa and developing countries, and to dozens of ambassadors, senior UN officials and private sector representatives from around the world.
Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked Ambassador Danon for organizing these important events.
Originally posted at Israel Today Magazine.