He Will Give His Angels Charge Concerning You – Richard and Carolyn Hyde from Heart of G-d Ministries

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Living Stones visit from Canada CC Rimonim
Come to our Galilee home for worship, Israeli folk dancing, sharing G-d’s heart for Israel and enjoy dinner with a beautiful view from our balcony!
May you have a blessed season as we enter into the High Holidays Days!  Please pray for the early rains to fall physically and spiritually! Blessings to all you who are answering the call to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem and give G-d no rest until He makes Jerusalem a praise in all the earth!  
Only in Israel:

would you see a young Arab Muslim woman give a donation to an elderly Orthodox Jewish woman sitting on the street!

would you walk up to an elderly Orthodox Jew at a buffet who’s piling 8 pieces of chocolate cake on his plate and say, “It’s a good thing I’m not your mother,” and then end up hearing his whole life story!

Would you see a group of Canadian Christians place rings of gold on the fingers ofHolocaust survivors!  What a beautiful way to reverse the curse from the days when these precious survivors were stripped of their gold in the nazi camps.  


For He will give His angels charge concerning you to guard you in all your ways.  They will bear you up in their hands so you will not strike your foot against a stone.  Psalm 91:11-12
Journey in America
We had the privilege of sharing in many churches on our recent journey to America. What a blessed time we had sharing about the special anointing there is today for the Good News going forth in Israel.  There were times when you could literally see the lights coming on, especially as we shared G-d’s heart for Israel and the coming Great Aliyah from the West.  
After ministering at a Baptist church, a 12 year old boy came over to me with tears in his eyes and said, “Thank you, Ma’am, for coming to share with us – we needed to hear this message.”  I was so touched to see such a tender heart for Israel and Aliyah and couldn’t help but wonder what will the L-rd call this young man to do when the latter rains come…
While staying with my spiritual Mom and her husband in East Texas, I arose from bed at three in the morning to go to the bathroom.  I could see a light under a door in the hallway and thought it was the night light in the bathroom. I opened the door, entered in, and found myself falling… down a flight of stairs – 17 steps.  Miraculously, I didn’t tumble, but as I fell I was upright the whole time.  I did, however, have significant injuries to the tops of my feet and shins as they dragged down the stairs.  An angel had to be helping me or it would have been so much worse.  If only he would have held me a bit higher.  I have to give him a B+ for the effort though.

Later that morning the doctor at a small country clinic said for sure my left foot was broken.  Richard was visiting his sister in Lubbock and when his nephew, a physician’s assistant, saw a picture of my foot he agreed that it was broken too.  When I called Richard and his sister to tell them about what happened they were watching the 700 Club and suddenly Pat Robertson had a word and said: “I see a leg that’s been broken and it’s not in a cast or a splint, and G-d is healing it right now.”  Right after that, I went in for an x-ray and when the doctor brought the results, he exclaimed, “I can’t believe it – you don’t have any fractures!”  There “just happened” to be a foot specialist that day who visits the clinic once a month and he confirmed everything.  Another miracle – when it came time to pay, they said it was free because I’m from Israel – I was in tears!  We prayed for favor and healing and received both, praise the L-rd!

I felt the L-rd saying that this fall was a prophetic picture of how He will move when attacks and devastation come.  He will keep you upright and you will see His amazing grace in times of trouble!  
A Orthodox Jewish friend who owns a shop in Tiberias revealed to me a synagogue he just built above his store.  As I looked around, the L-rd revealed to me that this is an upper room waiting for Him to come and fill it…
Israeli FlagShofar paintingWould you like to join us in praying for the coming Aliyah, the return of the Jewish people to Israel?  If so, please let us know and we’ll send you details about an upcoming Aliyah conference this January, 2017 in Jerusalem.  Also we are currently looking for a volunteer to serve in our home.  Interested?  Please contact us soon at

We are so grateful for your faithful love, prayers and support and we send blessings and much love out of Zion to you all!  Chag Sameach – Happy Holidays!
Blessings in Messiah’s amazing love,
Richard & Carolyn Hyde

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We write L-rd and G-d in this way because it’s a Jewish custom that Carolyn grew up with and it’s done only out of reverence and honor for the name of the L-rd.  Thanks for understanding. 
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