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Where Jews May Not Pray

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 |  Israel Today Staff

Did you know that there are areas inside the sovereign Jewish state where it is illegal for Jews to pray?
That may come as a shock to many. Even more shocking is the lack of attention given to this fact. Were Israel to place a similar ban on Muslims, such discrimination would receive immediate and overwhelming media coverage.
But as things stand, the international mainstream media could seemingly care less that the Israel Police recently extended the ban on Jewish prayers atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount to the adjacent Muslim Quarter of the Old City.
Given the ban on praying atop the Temple Mount (Judaism’s holiest site), many Jews had taken to praying outside the gates of the sacred compound. But many of those gates are in the Muslim Quarter, and so police arrested a number of the Jewish worshippers.
In a court hearing, the police justified their actions by labeling Jewish prayers in the Muslim Quarter as “disturbing the peace” because it might spark Muslim violence.
That left many to wonder, would Muslims praying in the adjacent Jewish Quarter similarly be arrested?
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