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Dear Friends,
Do you want to hear something wonderful? 
Jewish men and women are coming to Yeshua in ever-increasing numbers, to the point that one of my Messianic Jewish friends said to me, “Mike, we have to change our thinking about our people and the gospel. They are NOT the hardest ones to reach. They are made for the gospel!”
So, it is not just Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists and atheists and all kinds of lost people who are coming to faith in Yeshua – the Messiah’s own people are coming as well!
By God’s grace, we are on the front lines of this wonderful harvest, and our materials have been used to reach Jewish people around the world in many languages, including right in the land of Israel in Hebrew.
This is great news!
One woman posted this on YouTube:
“I watched you debate Rabbi Singer and also Rabbi Schochet and Boteach and their inability to make counter your arguments about the Trinity and the Messianic prophesies, especially Isaiah 53, shook me and led me toward my decision to accept Jesus as my Savior too. I was actually shocked that they couldn’t explain these things away being scholars of the Jewish scriptures, fluent in Hebrew and having studied the prophesies! God bless you and the work that you do, Dr. Brown!”
Another man posted this on Facebook:
“Through Dr. Brown’s debates here I brought five Jews to Messiah, Jesus Christ, and discussed with many Rabbis.”
Isn’t this wonderful?
But there’s something even more wonderful: There are MAJOR open doors that are being set before us that will allow to reach out to moreof our people than ever before, especially in Israel in Hebrew, and with your help, we will seize these God-given opportunities.
Paul’s mandate has never changed: The Gospel is “to the Jew first…”and you can help us act on that mandate like never before.
Your generous gift will help us bring the Good News to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
Can you stand with us today?  
Together we are making a difference!  Yeshua is Lord!
In Him,
Dr. Michael L. Brown 
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