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For is the tree of the field man,
that it should be besieged of thee?

כִּי הָאָדָם עֵץ הַשָּׂדֶה לָבֹא מִפָּנֶיךָ בַּמָּצוֹר

דברים כ:יט

kee ha-a-dam aytz ha-sa-de la-vo mi-pa-ne-kha ba-ma-tzor

Today’s Israel Inspiration

A story goes that after a massive hurricane, research was conducted to determine why some trees had fallen, while others in the very same vicinity had not.  After much investigation it was revealed that the trees that grew very close to their water source had been uprooted, while those further away had stood their ground.  Why was this so?  Quite simply, a tree will find water, however deep or far it needs to spread its roots, and the harder it works, the stronger those roots are!  King David’s analogy of man to a tree is not simply poetic.  Like a tree, the strength of man corresponds to the effort that he puts forth to achieve his goals. Put down YOUR roots in the Holy Land.

Why Are the Jews Still Here?

Based on the poetic verse of Chloe Valdary, this powerful short film asks ‘What is the essence of the nation of Israel?’

Why Did Donald Trump Don a Tallit?

As the emerging phenomenon of Christians adopting Jewish rituals grows, Jews are beginning to ask if this sign of a newfound closeness is a positive thing, or if it is even allowed by Jewish law.

Today’s Israel Photo

The Jerusalem forest in full springtime bloom!  In Hebrew, ‘ya-ar’ means forest.  This is ‘Ya-ar Y’-ru-sha-la-yeem’.

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