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They that builded the wall and they that bore
burdens laded themselves, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other held
his weapon.

הַבּוֹנִים בַּחוֹמָה וְהַנֹּשְׂאִים בַּסֶּבֶל עֹמְשִׂים בְּאַחַת יָדוֹ עֹשֶׂה בַמְּלָאכָה וְאַחַת מַחֲזֶקֶת הַשָּׁלַח

נחמיה ד:יא

ha-bo-neem ba-kho-mah v’-ha-no-s’-eem ba-se-vel o-m’-seem b’-a-khat ya-do o-seh va-m’-la-khah v’-a-khat ma-kha-ze-ket ha-sha-lakh

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Today’s verse describes how in Nehemiah’s time the Jews working to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem would work with one hand, while holding weapons of self-defense in the other. Though they relied on their own strength for protection, they always looked to God as the source of that strength. Today, it is the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces who protect the nation of Israel.  At the swearing-in ceremonies for the Israeli army, each soldier is handed both a gun to hold in one hand and a Hebrew Bible to hold in the other. In this way, Israeli soldiers are the spiritual descendants of Nehemiah’s work force who are reminded that it is not their strength alone that protects the nation, but the will of God.  As the New Year approaches,The IDF is on call 24/7 to ensure Israel a safe and sweet New Year.

IAF Special Forces Unit in Action

Meet the IAF Special Forces Unit 669. This is perhaps one of the most dangerous units – but they don’t focus on killing the enemy, rather, on saving our finest fighters. Catch them in action.

Wall Against Terror Has Begun

The IDF has begun construction on a massive, $600 million underground wall along the Israel-Gaza border intended to halt Hamas terror tunnels used to launch attacks and funnel weapons.

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Today’s Israel Photo

Our brave IDF soldiers work hard to ensure Israel’s safety. This Rosh HaShana bring a smile to their faces, and a sweet New Year to all.

Yesterday’s Photo Trivia

Yesterday’s photo featured the Bahai Gardens in Haifa. The headquarters of the Bahai are in Haifa because Israel’s democracy is the only country in the Middle East where a Bahai Temple is allowed. The beautiful gardens here were proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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