EZRA NEWS – A newsletter brought to you by Ezra UK Issue 4 – Hungary & Aliyah to Israel

Recent Olim Helped by Ezra

In July and August six people we have helped made their aliyah.  One family of 3 – parents Ildiko and Jozsef and Joszef Junior and three young people on their own – Luca, Benjamin and Mercedesz.  All of them have been touched by anti-semitism in some way.  Their brief stories are below.  Please pray that the LORD will protect and guide them as they settle into their new lives in their Land of Promise.

Eighteen year old Benjamin firmly believes that Israel is the land promised to the Jewish people.  He feels a strong connection to the land.  

Some of Benjamin’s relatives perished in the holocaust.  His great grandfather died on the train on the way to a death camp.  Benjamin’s grandmother lost her aunts and uncles during the holocaust.

Benjamin thinks that the political situation in Hungary is very frightening, especially with the rise of the Far Right.

Jozsef and Ildiko from Budapest are making aliyah with their son, Jozsef jnr.  They see the rise of the radical far right as a good reason to make aliyah.

Ildiko was often made fun of as a girl just because of being Jewish.  Her grandmother lost 3 of her sisters in Mauthausen concentration camp.  The grandmother survived the Budapest ghetto as did Ildiko’s father.

Mercedesz is 20 years old and also from Budapest. Just one week before she made aliyah she was in a Budapest pub having a leaving party.  When she left the pub with her friends they were verbally abused by a group of Hungarians.  It seems that the attackers overheard Mercedesz talking about Israel.  The Police were called and the group disappeared.

Mercedesz’s grandparents survived deportation to Auschwitz by escaping from the train they were travelling in.

Mercedesz is not very interested in politics but feels that Hungary is no longer a safe place to live.

Luca is 22 years old and also from Budapest.  Luca’s grandparents from her Father’s side both survived a Nazi work camp.  In 2014 Luca’s father was beaten up and verbally abused by neo-Nazis when he was on his way home from a Budapest synagogue.
Luca has no confidence in Hungarian politics at all. She said that the anti-Semitic Jobbik party hate Jews simply because they are Jews.

All these Olim were very grateful for the help they received from Ezra.

Note: Love For His People supports this ministry with monthly gifts to the Clint family in Budapest, Hungary. The Clints work to help Hungarians Jews make aliyah to Israel.

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