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The Wave of Transition by Amy Meyer

The hardest time in a transition is often in between the sets of waves.  God has been pulling people out of the prior waves that they’ve been used to riding.  Meaning, many of His people have been feeling the pull out of the previous movements, traditions, religious systems, revelations and doctrines of the past; anything that doesn’t match where God is heading.  

Some have really struggled to let go! Why? Could it be that it has become too familiar, comfortable, manageable and no longer necessary to rely on God as much? “Houston, we have a problem!” It’s so easy to become stagnant in our walk with God and limit the potential growth He desires in us. Papa God is too good of a Father to allow us to stay in this place for too long. So, if your receptors are still sensitive enough to hear and follow His gentle nudges, continue the adventure and discovery with Him. 

How do you know if this is beginning to take place?  You’ll feel an unrest in your spirit along with the current state you’re in.  Pay attention and don’t ignore the pull.

What’s the reason for this pull?  Could it be that God is desiring to set you up?  The pull will eventually cause you to “pop up” on top of an even greater wave that He has in mind for you, if you’ll be willing to trust and follow him into the unknown.

Pulling Away from the Old

In the beginning, it can often be scary when the under current and force of the building wave begins pulling you under and out to sea. The water is stirred up and you can’t see clearly with your natural eye.

This is what it may feel like in your spirit and believe it or not, the Lord is causing this pull to happen in you.  He is pulling you away from the old, and taking you under the water into the unknown for a time of being unseen and unheard, for a “deeper depth” experience with Him.  You will often feel like you are going backwards, but in reality you’re being propelled forward into a greater spiritual growth. The tendency is to strive in a forward motion much like you’ve always done, but soon you realize that you’re no match for the current of the Lords strength.

This is not the enemy doing this! I repeat, this is not the enemy! God is asking you to let go of what you “thought” was of Him.  Humble yourself and flow in the direction the Holy Spirit is drawing you into. God is asking you to not judge things by your natural eyesight.  God is doing something bigger than you can see right now.  Yep, He’s about to blow your paradigm and expand your lung capacity! What’s the purpose of this? He is preparing to set you up to ride on top of the next big move of His Spirit, but you have to let go of the old to receive the new.  God is going to lift you up on the top of this wave with greater speed, accuracy, and impact, than the one you were previously on.

Let go and receive a greater commission!  See with the eyes of your spirit man, not the eyes of your flesh.  It’s time to graduate and go to the next level!  It’s time to put on the new wine skins fully and receive the infilling of new strength, vigor, and faith. God is getting ready to set you up to ride the pipeline of your lifetime!
What’s the Purpose of the Pulling?

So, let’s talk a little bit more about the purpose and experience of this “pulling away.” The purpose of it will cause you to enter into the process of refining where the end result will create in you a complete dying to all self-effort, pride, and ego.  You’ll learn to do the dead man’s float under water, where you’ve completely let go and are at rest in the Lords hands, so He can freely move you any direction He desires.  This is a great weapon against the enemy as well!  Why? Because you’re not kicking and screaming anymore. Christ is able to inhabit you and make you invisible to the enemy!  The Lord will resurrect you so to speak when the process is complete, in His way and in His time.

This is a metamorphosis type of training.  If you’re willing to say yes to this process of completely letting go you’ll learn to follow the Holy Spirit with every ebb and flow, with your natural eyes closed, that always helps! The benefits of this new training you’re gaining will be outstandingly wonderful!!!

As John and I were going through this process we had to learn to be content in the hidden place, “lost” in the bottom of an ocean so to speak for a while, where no one knew us or spoke our language.  We couldn’t even set time limits on when we would emerge, even though we tried.  It was no longer up to us, only God could do this.  It brought us to a place of completely surrendering to His will for our lives and not our own. This of course came after we wore ourselves out trying to figure it all out with our own limited knowledge, reason, logic and strength. I mean, like you can really figure out what God’s really up to, eh??!!  Trying to help him doesn’t work either!! How prideful we get sometimes when really He’s just trying to surprise us!

In the heat of this process the list of demanding questions instantly surfaces.  Questions like, “What’s going on?!”, “What did we do wrong?!”, “Why is this happening?!” “Why can’t we control this?!” and “GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!” You don’t have any stable, solid footing, which of course is meant to get you to completely depend on Him.  It’s causing you to learn and gain the new footing of walking by faith, in the Spirit.  The more you panic, the more you can’t see because you just keep stirring up debris around you. The old things you use to do just aren’t working! You finally become so frustrated and worn out to where all that remains left is the choice to let go.  The choice to flow with what He is doing, leaving everything you have been familiar with behind.

Bingo! That’s exactly where he wants you! Now that you are completely pliable and surrendered to His lead, He can orchestrate things to line you right up to fulfill your highest calling in Him! You are now solely dependent on Him, which also means you will be fully supplied with His strength and not your own.  All Glory will go to Him. You are now no longer putting God in all your religious boxes with your time frames, expectations and demands. You no longer have the prideful ego you once had, even though you couldn’t see it. You have let go, dead to the old man and his ways, and have truly learned to flow as one with your heavenly Father in a state of trust and rest; versus the fear based state of self-reliance, striving and survival.

Right on Target

Living from the place God has now brought you to has enabled you to now follow the footsteps of your big brother Jesus as He declares, “I only say what I hear my Father say and do what I see My Father do. I do not judge on my own.”

Next, I heard Him say, “You are right on target and you will hit land shortly.”

This is not just a word for me but a word for all that have been going through the same process. What I saw next was a picture of The Lord bringing us up through this amazingly crystal-clear wave! Drawing us up to the top of it, as it was moving forward. I could see the beautiful shoreline through the water from the wave as He was drawing us up. It was so close and drawing closer by the seconds, till we hit land!  This was completed with no effort on our part, but out of complete submission to Him. With that complete submission we arrived at our mission.

Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4

Many blessings to you, on the game changing ride of your life with Him! He is soooo good and faithful!!

Amy Meyer

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