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This thy stature is like to a palm-tree,
and thy breasts to clusters of grapes.

זֹאת קוֹמָתֵךְ דָּמְתָה לְתָמָר וְשָׁדַיִךְ לְאַשְׁכֹּלוֹת

שיר השירים ז:ח

zot ko-ma-taykh da-m’-ta l’-ta-mar v’-sha-da-yikh l’-ash-ko-lot

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Each of the seven species have characteristics that are symbolic of the Jewish people. The Sages teach that the palm tree is unique in that each part of the tree is used for various resources which include food, shelter and fuel. Similarly, each member of the Jewish people has a unique mission involving various areas such as Torah study, charity and other good deeds.  The date, as well as the olive, are unique in that they only have one pit, illustrating that while each Jew has a separate mission, they have one heart, united by a common goal of fulfilling God’s will in this world.  Share in the blessings of the seven species and enjoy the unique taste and health benefits of olive oil direct from the Galilee.

Olive Oil Making in the Galilee

Learn the process of making olive oil from the experts; straight from the Galilee, it’s fresh, pure and so Israel!

Amazing Israeli Hummus

American meals focus on the main course, but in Israel, a wide variety of colorful salads encourage diners to linger over long discussions while thoughtfully dipping their pita in hummus and olive oil.

Today’s Israel Photo

A stately olive tree with its trademark thick, gnarled trunk.  Producer of the holy olive, and the perfect place to sit and relax under the holy sky of Israel!

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