Israel’s History – a Picture a Day: 19th Century Paintings of Jerusalem

Jews Praying at the Wailing Wall by Johann Martin Bernatz. The Ottoman Archives provided a date of 1868.
(Author’s digital photograph collection)

Israel’s History – a Picture a Day 

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 10:42 PM PDT

We pay tribute again to archivists and librarians who digitize their historical treasures. Pictures of these two paintings were found in the Ottoman Archives.

The first painting is by German artist Johann Martin Bernatz (1802-1878) who traveled in the Holy Land in 1836.

The second painting is by another German artist, Gustav Bauernfeind (1848-1904). 

Jews Praying at the Wailing Wall by Gustav Bauernfeind. The Ottoman Archives provides a

date of 1888. (Author’s digital photograph collection)

Bauernfeind moved to Jerusalem in 1898. He is buried in the German Templar Cemetery in Jerusalem. In 2007, his oil painting of the Wailing Wall sold for 4.5 Euros at Sotheby.

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