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But I am like a fresh olive tree in the house of God;
I trusted in the kindness of God forever and ever.

וַאֲנִי כְּזַיִת רַעֲנָן בְּבֵית אֱ-לֹהִים בָּטַחְתִּי בְחֶסֶד אֱ-לֹהִים עוֹלָם וָעֶד

תהילים נב:י

va-a-nee k’-zai-yit ra-a-nan b’-vayt e-lo-heem ba-takh-tee v’-khe-sed e-lo-heem
o-lam va-ed

Today’s Israel Inspiration

King David likens himself to an olive tree – how so? When enemies of the Jewish people come to destroy and take the Land of Israel, they put their trust in their own physical power. That’s all there is. However, King David reveals the secret to the eternity of the Jewish people: “But I am like a fresh olive tree in the house of God; I trusted in the kindness of God forever and ever.” Bring the blessings of Israel into your own home and enjoy some of Israel’s best extra virgin olive oil!

Pressing Oil Then & Now – What a Difference!

Recently children visited an ancient olive press to learn how it was done in the “olden days.” An ox or donkey would be harnessed to the beam and turn the grinding stone. But these children had their own ideas.

How Ezekiel 36:8 is Coming to Fruition in a Galilee Olive Grove

Two American families moved to Yavne’el in the Galilee and personally witnessed Jacob’s blessing to Naftali come to fruition right in their backyard.

Today’s Israel Photo

An olive grove in Yavne’el in the lower Galilee. Yavne’el is mentioned in the Book of Joshua as a border town in the tribal area of Naphtali. This beautiful village overlooks the Sea of Galilee on one side, and sits in a lush valley opposite Mount Tabor.

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Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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