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‘Hillsong: Let Hope Rise’ Shows Revelation 7:9 in Action


Goosebumps prickled my skin as I immediately recognized the presence of the Holy Spirit in my home. What surprised me, though, was how He entered: through my computer screen.  

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is the first successful attempt I’ve seen to tell the story behind people and the answer is genuinely God.  
Due out Sept. 16, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise follows the members of Hillsong United, the band birthed from the Australian megachurch. The documentary shows the ins and outs of the lives of traveling musicians, but they aren’t rock stars; they’re missionaries.  
I heard of their music much earlier than I learned of Brian Houston and his church, which proves their vision statement of “Our city and beyond” has come to fruition.  
“We’re the biggest band you’ve never heard of,” one of the members joked. And he’s right.  
Admittedly, tears uncontrollably streamed down my face as I heard “Mighty to Save,” a song I’ve known since high school, sung in different languages. This, I thought, really is the next great move of God.  
The Holy Spirit is evident as these men and women write songs, record music, spend time with their families and move about town. He fuels their callings, even those who don’t travel. What’s more, He can be felt by anyone so much as watching the documentary. I was alone in my home and keenly aware He was there.  
“We’re best when we’re broken,” vocalist Joel Houston says at one point in Let Hope Rise. And he’s right, as Jesus is close to the broken-hearted, and when we are weak, He is made strong, which is the ultimate goal of praise.  
Let Hope Rise proves worship is a unifying experience among believers. Hillsong United’s lyrics allow Christians to place their own hearts within the songs and cry out to God in a way that feels personal. The documentary shows that this is not a perfected formula, but the heartbeat of the band.  
The band mirrors Jesus to a point of conviction for the viewer, and the film could be the push we need to really focus on Christ as we seek to advance the kingdom.
Jessilyn Justice is the assistant news editor for Charisma. Born and raised in a pastor’s family in Alabama, she went to Lee University and the Washington Journalism Center. She’s passionate about the church, jogging, news and cupcakes not necessarily in that order. Tell her what you think of this story on Twitter@jessilynjustice.
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