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FDC Film Review

Could this be the faith-friendly movie we’ve all been waiting for?

Take a moment and check out our Faith-Friendly Film Review of BEN-HUR—which
opens nationwide in theaters today, Friday, August 19th.

Coming to us from our friends at Lightworkers Media—who also brought us
SON OF GOD, LITTLE BOY, WOODLAWN, The Bible miniseries, and A.D.
The Bible Continues—BEN-HUR tells the epic story of Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish
prince who is falsely accused of treason by his adopted Roman brother, Messala.
After surviving years in slavery, Judah seeks revenge in a chariot race, but is
changed after a series of redemptive encounters with Jesus.

Click here to read the full review and find out how we rated BEN-HUR.


As you know, we’ve developed a set of five specific criteria to measure the compatibility
of entertainment products for Faith Driven Consumers like you and me.

By supporting faith-compatible entertainment, we collectively encourage Hollywood
to continue producing more products that resonate with the 41 million Americans
who are Faith Driven Consumers and spend $2 trillion annually.

Share this review with your family and friends. We hope you will use it to make an
informed stewardship decision about spending your time and treasure on BEN-HUR
during its theatrical release and beyond. Sincerely,

Faith Driven Consumer

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