Evidence of Catastrophic Biblical Flood Found in China? CBN News

Evidence of Catastrophic Biblical Flood Found in China?

CBN News 08-17-2016

Chinese scientists have discovered new evidence that points to the biblical account of Noah’s flood from thousands of years ago.
Archeologists uncovered the bones of children believed to have been trapped by a flood that ripped through the Yellow River Valley nearly 4,000 years ago. Their bones are dated back to time of Noah, leading some to believe these remains are evidence of the biblical story.
If the newly discovered flood is the one of Noah’s times, it may shake what scientists originally believed about the Bible.
The discovery points to a massive flood that sent rocks and tons of sediment rushing into the Yellow River Valley. The flood was so big, it created a 660 foot damn that scars China to this day.
Some are not surprised by this discovery, saying there is evidence all around the world of an ancient catastrophic flood.
“There are thousands of feet of flood sediment all over the globe – evidence of a catastrophic global flood,” Ken Ham, from Answers in Genesis, said.
Ham argues that the unearthing of evidence pointing to an ancient world-wide flood testifies to the validity of the Christian faith. 
“If the Bible’s true, it means God is Creator,” Ham said. “It means God owns us. It means we have to be in submission to him. It means that we need to receive the free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.”

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