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Men and women experience the Holy Spirit at Azusa Now.
Men and women experience the Holy Spirit at Azusa Now. (Facebook/Azusa Now Testimonies)

Lou Engle Bringing Azusa Now to East Coast

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Revival that ignited along the West Coast will now burn to the East Coast as Lou Engle takes Azusa Now to Rick Joyner’s Morning Star Ministries in South Carolina.  
Called AzusaEast, the movement will feature Joyner and Engle with Dean Briggs and Ryan and Nina Landis. 
“After decades of prayer by millions of Christians, the Lord is answering our collective cry for revival. We dare to believe that a new Jesus Movement is upon us! So let us maintain a relentless posture of prayer, yes, but let us also transition to bold faith and bolder action. Our vision of God must be expansive, not myopic. What if the next great move of heaven is already unfolding right before our eyes? So … what’s next?” according to a release.  
The Azusa East event will help fulfill the 7 Take-Aways from Azusa Now, including staying focused on Jesus. 
And like the original Azusa Street Revival, a prophetic blueprint leads the way for Azusa East: 

We believe the natural progression of the history of Azusa gives us a prophetic template for the present hour. Among several who journeyed to the Azusa Street Mission in 1906, one who was greatly touched by the unity of the brethren was a man from Dunn, North Carolina named G. B. Cashwell, later called “The Apostle of Pentecost to the South.” After witnessing the evidence of love in the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Azusa, where it was said, “the color line was washed away in the blood of Jesus,” Cashwell knew that the unity of the brethren was in direct contradiction to the racial prejudice of his beloved South. He repented of his racism and was filled afresh with the love and power of God. When he returned to Dunn, the anointing of the Azusa Outpouring followed him, and revival broke out in the Carolinas, which eventually spread all across the Southern states. This came to be known as Azusa East. 

Interestingly, the original royal land charter for the Carolinas given by King Charles II extended coast-to-coast, from the Carolinas to Southern California, including the region of Los Angeles, where the original Azusa Street Revival began in 1906, and which spilled over to the Carolinas in 1907. We believe this is our model. 

In 2016, once again, we stand at the 110th Anniversary. What began in the West must come to the East. A new hope for a Third Great Awakening has gripped us to the core. Revival strategy is unfolding, city to city, gathering to gathering, prayer upon prayer. The favor, power and love of God are coming to America again! It is not about names, ministries and agendas. It is about the presence of God, the unity of His church, and the salvation of the lost.

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