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Declare ye in Yehudah, and publish in
Yerushalayim, and say: ‘Blow ye the horn in the land’; cry aloud and say: ‘Assemble yourselves, and
let us go into the fortified cities.’

הַגִּידוּ בִיהוּדָה וּבִירוּשָׁלִַם הַשְׁמִיעוּ וְאִמְרוּ ותקעו תִּקְעוּ שׁוֹפָר בָּאָרֶץ קִרְאוּ מַלְאוּ וְאִמְרוּ הֵאָסְפוּ וְנָבוֹאָה אֶל עָרֵי הַמִּבְצָר

ירמיהו ד:ה

ha-gee-du vee-hu-da u-vee-ru-sha-la-yeem hash-mee-u v’-im-ru tik-u sho-far ba-a-retz kir-u mal-u v’-im-ru hay-as-fu v’-na-vo-a el a-ray ha-miv-tzar

Jerusalem Inspiration

As the invasion of Israel spreads, the prophet Jeremiah describes how people flocked to the more fortified cities, like Jerusalem.  They came in hoards fleeing at the sound of the great shofar, ram’s horn. The shofar was both the physical ‘battle cry’, sounded upon engaging in war, as well as representative of the spiritual ‘battle cry’ calling out to the Nation to repent. Display your own authentic shofar with a variety of ornamental accessories.

Hebrew Music Monday

You’ll love this great, upbeat video about prayers for the ultimate redemption! (The singer uses “Gosh” so as to not take the Lord’s name in vain.)

Christians Returning to the Jewish Roots of the Sabbath

More and more Christians are seeking their Hebrew roots and, as a result are changing their Sabbath from Sunday toSaturday.

Israel’s Topography Dictates the Definition
of Sustainable Borders

A tiny country surrounded by enemies, Israel must maintain defensible borders. Understand the importance of Israel’s topography in this short informative video. And then check out our contoured map of Israel.

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Jerusalem Daily Photo

Sounding the great shofar, by Yehoshua Halevi.  The word shofar is linguistically linked with shefoferet, a naturally hollow tube or reed, and the shofar can only be made from a horn that can be hollowed out by removing the inner core of the animal’s horn.

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