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And we shall cut timber from Lebanon, as much
as you need, and we shall bring it to you as rafts on thesea of Jaffo, and you will bring them up to Jerusalem.

וַאֲנַחְנוּ נִכְרֹת עֵצִים מִן הַלְּבָנוֹן כְּכָל צָרְכֶּךָ וּנְבִיאֵם לְךָ רַפְסֹדוֹת עַל יָם יָפוֹוְאַתָּה תַּעֲלֶה אֹתָם יְרוּשָׁלִָם

דברי הימים ב ב:טו

va-a-nakh-nu nikh-rot ay-tzeem min ha-l’-va-non k’-khol tzar-ke-kha u-n’-vee-aym l’-kha raf-so-dot al yam ya-fo v’-a-ta ta-a-le o-tam y’-ru-sha-lai-yim

Shabbat Inspiration

In the times of King Solomon, mighty cedar trees of Lebanon were sent by Hiram
“as rafts on the sea” to the ancient port of Jaffe, to be used in the building of the Temple in Jerusalem. It was deemed a great merit to Hiram, Solomon’s non Jewish friend and ally, who bestowed these trees for such a holy purpose. Today you can share in the special merit of planting trees throughout all of Israel.

Talk a Stroll on the Beautiful Jaffe Promenade

Feel like you’re right here strolling the popular Jaffe boardwalk!

Summer Forest Fires Hit Israel From North to South 

Amidst scorching temperatures, forest fires have repeatedly ignited all the way from Israel’s most northern locations to her most southern cities, with no less than 55 forested areas burned.

Today’s Israel Photo

If you’re looking to find this lovely boardwalk near Jaffe port, ask the locals for the “ta-ye-let,” which is Hebrew for “promenade.” The Jaffe Promenade runs 14 km along the beach and by foot or by bicycle, it’s a fun day’s activity.

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I just enjoy the word of God and beautiful photos of Yisrael. Shabbat shalom, Rabbi Weisz. I’m from Honduras but living in greater Los Angeles.- Gabrielle Urizar

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