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TV: Knesset Protects Christian Soldiers, Honors Messianic Group

Thursday, July 21, 2016 |  Israel Today Staff
Recently a prominent Palestinian Christian leader castigated Israel and Zionist Christians for supporting Israel to the detriment of “Christians in Palestine”. The point of his argument was that the Palestinian entity is not supported and that Arab Christians are by default mistreated by Israel.
There is strong move by Arab Christian Israelis that are in favor of serving Israel to the fullest, including serving in the IDF. Many of these Arab Christians have experienced threats to their lives, even death threats, as well as actual violent attacks.
The Israel Knesset recently passed a bill designed to protect Arab Christians who enlist in the IDF. The law, which includes an extended prison sentence for anyone who tries to dissuade a Christian Arab from serving in the IDF, became necessary in the face of the above-mentioned threats and attacks.
Does this sound like mistreatment of Arab Christians? Of course not!
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