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With disasters and tragedies now filling daily headlines and becoming more common, the desensitizing of our hearts becomes the placebo that convinces us that these things will soon stop and could never happen to most of us.
With disasters and tragedies now filling daily headlines and becoming more common, the desensitizing of our hearts becomes the placebo that convinces us that these things will soon stop and could never happen to most of us. (REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein)

Have You Spotted These 11 Dangerous Signs in America?

The Flaming Herald, by Bert Farias(Many of these world events I share came from a report given by Alex Jones of Infowars.com)
The average American citizen is virtually unaware of the danger that now lurks. They are busy enjoying life, being entertained, working their jobs to make ends meet and so on. Even when disaster or tragedy strikes most people quickly return to their status quo life and soon all is forgotten. And with disasters and tragedies now filling daily headlines and becoming more common, the desensitizing of our hearts becomes the placebo that convinces us that these things will soon stop and could never happen to most of us.
The reality is that underneath every tragedy, bizarre event, and senseless act is a global agenda to lead us into World War III and bring about one world order. If this sounds like a far-fetched conspiracy theory, consider the following:
  • Historians, political scientists, and analysts from the U.S., England, Canada, Russia, Germany and Australia are telling us that the same chain of crisis and pattern of events that led to World Wars I and II are happening now.
  • There is a deliberate global movement to implode economies, to set world depressions in motion, and policies to collapse third world nations.
  • The most stone-age barbaric groups are being granted political power.
  • Borders are being open to bankrupt our economies and flatten our social welfare programs.
  • The globalist agenda is first to cause collapse of our political and socio-economic systems and then to take control and bring in total tyranny, even waging war on nation states who are working to stabilize their economies.
  • Led by billionaires like George Soros and others, they actually fund crisis such as the Arab Spring, the flow of Jihadists into Europe, assisting the migration of illegal immigrants and those with diseases such as refugees into our societies.
  • Right now there are major U.S. and Chinese fleets lining up against each other in Chinese waters with the communist Chinese President preparing his troops for World War III.
  • There are reports that Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan is being backed by jihadists and not his own army. If true, this has immense ramifications as Turkey is considered the gateway into Europe.
  • Vladimir Putin of Russia is also preparing for nuclear war and warning journalists and begging for a global debate as the media remains silent.
  • From Venezuela to Nigeria, world governments are going bankrupt while the Pentagon reports that this is the most dangerous time in our history.
  • All this is happening while our own enemy of the state, Obama, reports that the world is as safe as its ever been and the economy is the best its ever been.
These are just a few examples of hundreds of scenarios that are occurring worldwide to create the perfect storm. This is modern 21st century warfare spearheaded by top globalists against all nation states, individuals and any type of logic, intelligence and independence. Currencies are being manipulated, stock-markets are being rigged and computers are making major decisions.
Heck, even in our solar system, great changes are being reported.  Record level earthquakes, volcanoes, and natural disasters are being recorded. These are also harbingers of war as paralleled with World War I and II. It is all so surreal as we sense it and see it, and yet only a small minority of the general populace is aware, involved, engaged or awakened to these things. People are asleep on their watch as our own species wage war against the majority of the human race.
The mainstream media has been controlled by the globalists for a long time, and they are intent on sowing chaos, stopping innovation, preventing nations from joining efforts, funding ISIS and aiding Obama in overthrowing our allies such as Israel—all this for a one world order and government. But now they are expanding and making the weaponization even more deceptive and vicious. All the major networks are state run, and the globalists are engaged in worldwide economic siege. This explains the stupid, often bizarre, and satanic nature of the decisions being made and/or the inaction of many of our politicians.
Behind it all is an evil agenda for a post-industrial world, a United Nations plan to be fully implemented by the year 2030. There is an international group fighting against all the nation states. We have criminals in our government working against our own nation and everyone else. Have you seen how many Muslims Obama has placed in his administration? Doesn’t it give you a warm cozy feeling to know that some of them are working in the department of Homeland Security?
Even what once were reputable organizations such as the NFL cannot be trusted as they’ve become a political weapon opposing the second amendment and the freedoms of our nation. MSNBC is now telling us that our children belong to the state and to our communities and not the parents. It’s crazy and inexplicable until you realize there is an agenda, and it’s playing like a sci-fi movie and doing everything to destroy civilization as we’ve known it. It is the Antichrist agenda that has been unleashed on the world.
It is one minute before midnight on God’s calendar and we are in the most dangerous times we’ve ever been in, but people are asleep. As for me, I am fully awake and actually encouraged. Why, you ask? Because Jesus foretold all these things.
“There will be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men fainting from fear and expectation of what is coming on the inhabited earth. For the powers of heaven will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption is drawing near” (Luke 21:25-28).
To the true believer these events are actually a source of great hope and encouragement because it means that the coming of the Lord is drawing ever so near, and that we, the church, should be about our Father’s business of winning souls and making disciples. When these things start happening, Jesus also told us to look up and to lift up our heads because it means our redemption is drawing near.
Don’t be afraid, but get your eyes on Jesus, from whom comes perfect peace. The church is the restrainer of evil and total lawlessness. When the church is removed, the lawless one, or the Antichrist, will be revealed, whom the Lord shall destroy (2 Thes. 2:5-8). Ha ha! Game over! We win! Jesus rules and reigns, and we shall reign with Him forever.
In the meantime, let us take advantage of the greatest opportunity of our lifetime. The world will panic and men’s hearts will be full of fear, but we will have the answer and the wisdom of the ages that they all need. Truly, I believe the greatest harvest is still ahead of us when more men will be saved perhaps in one day than in one century, as these hellish world events continue to unfold. Let us pray and exercise our God-given authority on this earth because we can still change some things, delay some things and even stop some things. Some things have been prophesied and foretold by Jesus and cannot be changed, but it’s comforting to know that He is in complete control of the destiny of His own people.
Look up saints! Lift up your heads! Our redemption is near. 
Bert M. Farias, revivalist and founder of Holy Fire Ministries, has authored several books with an emphasis on helping to restore the true spirit of Christianity in the Church today, including the newly released, Passing on The Move of God to The Next Generation. An anointing of fire marks his ministry with frequent demonstrations of the Spirit and power of God. He ministers interdenominationally and cross-culturally in nations, churches, conferences, on the streets and in homes. He and his wife Carolyn also host The Holy Ghost Forum – a school of the Spirit. Follow him at Bert Farias and Holy Fire Ministries on Facebook and @Bertfarias1on Twitter.
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