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Israeli Settlement
The Republican platform now contains a plank that says Israel should be free to settle territories under its control however its citizens see fit. (Reuters photo)

Update: GOP Platform Will Be Solidly Pro-Israel

According to several participants in Tuesday afternoon’s Platform Committee meeting ahead of next week’s Republican National Convention, South Carolina Rep. Alan Clemmons’ proposed pro-Israel plank was adopted unanimously.
Specifically, the plank calls for American support for a unified Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, and that the U.S. Embassy be relocated there as required by federal law. It also includes language that opposes the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, and calls for opposition to any efforts to impose borders or boundaries upon Israel as a condition of a peace agreement.
“I believe this language is more in keeping with the base of the Republican Party and its support for Israel,” Clemmons said after the language passed out of a subcommittee on Monday.
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