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Messianic Organization Awarded in Israeli Knesset

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 |  David Lazarus  ISRAEL TODAY
Be’ad Chaim, a Messianic pro-life and women’s health organization has received an award from the Israeli government for their “significant contribution to the protection of mothers and children.” What began as a small Messianic prayer group, has blossomed into a nationally recognized women’s health organization.
It began back in the 1980’s, when Messianic Pastor Tony Sperandeo (pictured, right), together with other local believers, initiated a fight against what they called “the shedding of innocent blood” in Israel. They started a regular prayer meeting, lectured in congregations across the land, and passed out fliers on street corners teaching people that abortion is a sin against God, and against our own people.
Today the organization is having a significant impact for change in Israeli society as social workers, welfare officials and needy families around the country refer mothers with unborn children and crisis pregnancies to one of Be’ad Chaim’s 12 offices.
“It is very significant in our short history that a Messianic Jewish organization is now recognized as a well-known, humanitarian organization in Israel,” says Sandy Shoshani (pictured, left), director of Be’ad Chaim, told Israel Today upon receiving the award. “I am humbled, honored and appreciate all those who went before me.”
Why would the government chose a Messianic pro-life organization for the award above other organizations providing care for mothers and their babies? “We offer sensitive and caring assistance in a loving Messianic atmosphere,” notes Shoshani. “And we help all mothers, and all babies.  Sudanese, Arab and Jewish mothers all come to us. While the largest pro-life organization in Israel will not assist non-Jewish mothers and children, including many Russian immigrants, we help them all. We even have many Orthodox Jewish women coming to us for assistance when they are pregnant out of wedlock. They do not want to be recognized by their own religious communities.”
One of the main reasons for abortion today is financial concerns. “We ask the women if they would keep their babies if they knew that the baby’s stroller, crib, diapers and other needs would be provided for during the first year,” Shoshani explains. “Almost all of them say yes, they would. So we developed the concept of Operation Moses where we find sponsors to pray and provide for Israel’s babies until their first birthday.” Today, Operation Moses is assisting 450 mothers and babies.
To date, over 1,500 babies have been saved through the program. Most of the support for the mothers and babies comes from Christians who care about Israel. “We have donations from China, Hawaii, Finland – all over the world. If they want, sponsors are able to have a personal relationship with mom and baby. They share pictures, and many are in regular prayer for the young families,” Shoshani tells us.
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