Ron Cantor: WATCH: Parts 4-6 in Romans 11 Series


I once sent my father an email. It said, “Send IT and Leave me Alone.” My mother saw the email and was shocked at my rudeness. But that was only because she did not understand the context of the email. My father sends out our books. We received an order and I asked him to “Send IT (Identity Theft) and Leave me Alone (I’m Jewish)—the names of our books—to a certain person. Because I knew the context, I didn’t proof it with the eyes of someone who didn’t. Also my father understood it clearly.

In the same way, without knowing the shocking background of the book of Romans, there is no way to understand why Paul is so adamant about God’s continued call on Israel.

We have created a video series to explain this. We have received much encouragement over these videos as people’s eyes have been opened. You can see all six by clicking here or on the videos themselves. Video seven will be out soon!




I ordered the first in this series, “Identity Theft”, by mistake thinking it was a Christian Living type book. I don’t read fiction, but I thought I might as well read it.Wow! I was pleasantly surprised by it’s captivating story filled with historical content about the early church, Jesus and the Jews of Jesus’ time. So I waited, and waited, and waited for Ron to write the sequel.☺️ When it finally was available I was excited! “Jerusalem Secret” did not disappoint! It was a great continuation of “The Identity Theft.” It was filled with lots of historical content with a fast paced, fun story that had me laughing at times. I think I read that this was suppose to be a trilogy. I hope so, because I want to hear more and see how David moves forward in his new found faith.

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