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He that is gracious unto the poor lendeth unto Hashem; and his good deed will He repay unto him.

מַלְוֵה יְ-הוָה חוֹנֵן דָּל וּגְמֻלוֹ יְשַׁלֶּם לוֹ

משלי יט:יז

mal-ve a-do-nai kho-nayn dal ug-moo-lo y’-sha-laym lo

Jerusalem Inspiration

From the words of King Solomon we learn the powerful success principle of generosity. Giving of yourself to those in need creates a connection between you and God. How? Just as God is infinitely merciful, when you give to His creatures, it strengthens your relationship with your Maker, and God ‘pays back’ at the highest rate! Strengthen the ‘giver muscle’ within you and help Israel’s oldest charity feed the hungry of  Jerusalem.

A Journey of Discovery

Join Wyatt, your average American Christian, on a journey as he receives an education about G-d’s love for Israel and the Jewish people.

An Unusual Grocery Store
in Israel

Colel Market looks like any other supermarket. The aisles are lined with products and there are cashiers where customers pay for their purchases. The differences are much more subtle.

Jerusalem Photo Trivia

Aside from being incredibly beautiful, this photo tells a story of immense bravery and tragedy. Do you know what is pictured here? Send me an answer or post it on Facebook.

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Hi my name is Cathy Riggs and my husband is Terry Riggs we live in Saintemarieillinois. I’ve been enjoying this website about Israel, its the most interested country that i enjoyed getting news and whats going on over there. God bless keep up the good and blessed news and shalom from Cathy and Terry riggs

Blessing from Jerusalem,
Rabbi Tuly Weisz


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