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Decision America Tour
  Dear Friend,

Last week, crowds totaling more than 17,000 joined us in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota to “humble themselves, and pray and seek [God’s] face” (2 Chronicles 7:14, NKJV) at the Decision America Tour prayer rallies at their capitols. I preached the Gospel message, as I do at all of the stops, and we praise God that over 500 people told us they made decisions for Jesus Christ.

How fitting it was to stand in front of the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin—which is shaped like a cross—and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the only answer for America.

Protesters showed up at the prayer rally in Madison with signs and banners. Some atheists waved signs that said “Not afraid to burn in hell.” How sad—but we praise God that all of them heard His Word proclaimed!

Despite the pessimism that many have for the future of our nation, I still have hope. Why? In 2 Chronicles—the next verse after the one quoted above—God told Solomon that if His people truly repented, “My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place” (v. 15). My heart is burdened to see this come to pass for America, and I hope yours is too.

Next week the tour will come to the Northwest and then Alaska. Will you help spread the word? 

#30, June 28–Salem, Oregon
#31, June 29–Olympia, Washington
#32, July 1–Juneau, Alaska
#33, August 9–Helena, Montana
#34, August 10–Boise, Idaho
#35, August 12–Cheyenne, Wyoming
#36, August 23–Augusta, Maine
#37, August 24–Montpelier, Vermont
#38, August 25–Albany, New York
#39, August 30–Boston, Massachusetts
#40, August 31–Providence, Rhode Island
#41, September 1–Hartford, Connecticut
#42, September 13–Dover, Delaware
#43, September 14–Trenton, New Jersey
#44, September 15–Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
#45, October 4–Lansing, Michigan
#46, October 5–Indianapolis, Indiana
#47, October 6–Columbus, Ohio
#48, October 11–Annapolis, Maryland
#49, October 12–Richmond, Virginia
#50, October 13–Raleigh, North Carolina 

Will you join us with your friends, family, and church at the Decision America Tour prayer rally in your capital? In Illinois, one volunteer chartered 13 tour buses and brought 650 people with her!

Thank you for standing with us for America and praying fervently that God will turn our nation to Him.

May God richly bless you!


Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham

Steve Martin

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