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For they cried out to God in the battle, and He accepted their prayers because they trusted in Him.

כִּי לֵא-לֹהִים זָעֲקוּ בַּמִּלְחָמָה וְנַעְתּוֹר לָהֶם כִּי בָטְחוּ בוֹ

דברי הימים א ה:כ

kee lay-lo-heem za-a-ku ba-mil-kha-ma v’-na-tor la-hem kee bat-khu bo

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The Bible tells us that the tribes of Reuben, Gad and Menashe had between them an impressive 44,760 troops filled with strength and courage. And yet, we are told here that the only reason they were victorious in battle is because they trusted in God. Success in the Land of Israel is not tied to effort alone, but also to faith in God. This desert hot summer, the soldiers of the Israeli army keep pushing to defend the Holy Land, while “trusting in Him” for their ultimate protection. Help keep our brave men and women hydrated this summer with a special Camelback water system.

What is it Like to Serve in the IDF?

West Point military academy in the U.S. does not teach its students about the Six Day War, simply because they study wars, not miracles. Learn what it means to serve in this miraculous army of the modern State of Israel.

IDF: If Our Enemies Knew What We Can Do, They’d Give Up

IDF Chief of Military Intelligence warned Israel’s opponents against initiating a conflict, while laying out the facts on the ground in turbulent times.

Today’s Israel Photo

In the heat of summer, brave soldiers of the IDF keep pushing to protect and defend the Land of Israel.

Yesterday’s Photo Trivia

Yesterday’s photo featured the Ahava (“Love”) word-sculpture at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The 13-foot-tall steel piece was created by American artist Robert Indiana in 1978 in the spirit of international brotherhood to the people of Israel.


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Hello Rabbi Tuly. I’m writing to you from Nigeria. I’m an ardent student of Jewish and Israeli history. I love Isreal. I love Jews.I love the IDF. My ethnic group, the Igbo, we believe that we’re of Jewish extraction. Here in Nigeria, we share similar experiences just like Jews across the world. Hate, defamations, marginalisation, and even ethnic cleansing. Yet, we survive due to God’s Providence, our ingenuity, and entrepreneurship. I love Israel365. Keep it up, sir.- Emmanuel Chukwu

We follow the news here with great interest and love Israel. We want to stand with the Jews as they stand up for their country. Shalom from Sandnes, Norway. Yours Sincerely, Nils Geir and Tanja Eide

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