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And it was when Solomon had finished building theTemple of the Lord and the King’s palace and all Solomon’s desire that he wished to make.

וַיְהִי כְּכַלּוֹת שְׁלֹמֹה לִבְנוֹת אֶת בֵּית יְ-הוָה וְאֶת בֵּית הַמֶּלֶךְ וְאֵת כָּל חֵשֶׁק שְׁלֹמֹה אֲשֶׁר חָפֵץ לַעֲשׂוֹת

מלכים א ט:א

va-y’-hee k’-kha-lot shlo-mo liv-not et bayt a-do-nai v’-et bayt ha-me-lekh v’-ayt kol khay-shek shlo-mo a-sher kha-fatz la-a-sot

Jerusalem Inspiration

The Holy Temple in Jerusalem was often called the “House of God” or the “House of Prayer,” an ideal setting for spiritual growth and connection with the Almighty. Since its destruction, we are taught to make our own homes into “miniature Sanctuaries” (in Hebrew, a “Mikdash m’-at”). By making room for God within our physical walls, we hope to make room for God in our own hearts as well.  ‘Tikvah’ means hope: by bringing some hope and joy into the hearts of underprivileged children in Israel, we make room for them to embrace God and envision for themselves a bright future. ‘TikvaHope’ organizes summer programming for children who would otherwise be on the streets. Help them make these vital activities possible.

Ancient Coins Unearthed

Archaeologists in Israel were astounded to come across a cache of ancient coins used during the Hasmonean period. The ongoing dig is taking place ahead of plans for construction near the city of Modi’in.

New Youth Club Near Gaza Shows the Resilient Israeli Spirit

Sderot has been plagued with rocket fire from Gaza for years, but residents of the beleagered city won’t give up. The launch of a new youth club is empowering their youth and preparing them for success.

Jerusalem Daily Photo

The old city of Jerusalem in all its glory.  Thousands of years after Solomon reigned it is still so awe inspiring!

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I am so excited to have found Jerusalem365. In my heart I always wanted to see City Of God…..I FEEL VERY CONNECTED!!! Many of my Christian friend have been blessed to travel to the Holy Land. I dont foresee me to venture there due to finances, so I must utilize my imagination as many do, from interpreting the Bible. I stand with Gods chosen people. I live in Tacoma, Washington. God know my hearts desires. Peace Be With Your Nation.I Love you, Tannie

Blessing from Jerusalem,
Rabbi Tuly Weisz

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