US-Israel: Who Really Helps Who the Most? – CBN News Chris Mitchell

US-Israel: Who Really Helps Who the Most?

CBN News Chris Mitchell

JERUSALEM, Israel  The United States sends more foreign aid to Israel than to any other nation. While critics suggest that’s too much, it turns out the United States gets a significant return on its investment.
The U.S. currently sends around $3 billion to Israel each year.
Some may argue that Israel doesn’t deserve those billions, but others contend it represents America’s best investment in foreign aid.
One benefit: more U.S. jobs. By law, most of the military aid sent to Israel must be spent back in the United States with American defense contractors. That translates to tens of thousands of jobs.
What’s more, when Israel buys weapons like sophisticated U.S. fighter jets, they make their own improvements.
For example, the General Dynamics plant manager asserts that Israel improvements saved the manufacturer 10 to 20 years of research and development. He estimated that led to more than 700 modifications to the current F-16 “valued at mega-billion dollar bonanza to the manufacturer….”

Another benefit: intelligence. Gen. George Keegan, the former chief of U.S. Air Force Intelligence, said Israel provided intelligence on the Air Force capabilities, new weapons, electronics and jamming devices of mutual U.S., Israeli adversaries.

“I could not have procured the intelligence…with five CIAs,” he said.

Israel also provides U.S. Special Operation teams with invaluable experience and training before they head to war zones in the Middle East.

Perhaps the biggest U.S. benefit is strengthening its number one Middle East ally at a time when both are on the front lines of the war against Islamic terror.

Pat Robertson & Yoram Ettinger
*Yoram Ettinger is an adviser to Israel’s Knesset and former liaison to the United States Congress. He’ll share more about the other ways the U.S. benefits from sending aid to Israel on Monday’s edition of “The 700 Club.” Check your local listings or after 11 a.m for the interview.
Watch here: Israel &USA

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