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And Avram passed through the Land unto the place of Shechem, unto the terebinth of Moreh.

וַיַּעֲבֹר אַבְרָם בָּאָרֶץ עַד מְקוֹם שְׁכֶם עַד אֵלוֹן מוֹרֶה

בראשית יב:ו

va-ya-a-vor av-ram ba-a-retz ad m’-kom sh’-khem ad ay-lon mo-re

Shabbat Inspiration

Abraham and Sarah began their divinely inspired journey to the Land of Israel in Samaria (in Hebrew, the “Shomron”). Today, the world may call this holy region of Israel the “occupied settlements,” but supporters of Israel proudly know it as the true Biblical Heartland. For 2,000 years, the hills of Judea and Samaria lay barren and desolate, awaiting the return of the Jewish nation. How fortunate we are to bear witness to the fulfillment of prophecy and the blossoming of this divine land. Sarah Feld creates beautiful, biblically inspired jewelry from the Heartland. Support Israel and proudly wear a gorgeous piece from the Sarah Feld collection.

Ancient Second Temple-Era Wine Press Discovered in Jerusalem

An ancient wine press, used while the Second Temple was still standing in Jerusalem, has just been uncovered during a routine building project in the Holy City. Take a tour!

Site of Crossing of Joshua into Israel to be Cleared of 4,000 Landmines

In a rare moment of agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, Qasr al-Yehud, a holy area in the Jordan River Valley will be cleared of approximately 4,000 land mines left there from the 1967 war.

Understand the Blessings on this Beautiful Charm Necklace

Discover how to say love, as well as other blessings like luck, health and success. This beautiful necklace includes these good wishes, written elegantly in Hebrew.

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Today’s Israel Photo

Daniel Santacruz’s remarkable photo of flags of the twelve tribes of Israel in Shiloh, Samaria. Over 3,000 years ago, the Children of Israel gathered in Shiloh to divide by lot the Land into tribal portions.

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Hi. As a new subscriber from Tacoma, Washington, USA to your site, I really enjoy the pictures of Israel as much as the news. It’s nice to see what Israel looks like in something other than standard USA news photos in the background while their reporters speak. Dennis Purdy

Hi, Thanks for connecting me to Israel365. This connection is divine for me. I daily get in touch with the holy land, the beauty of the land that the Lord of host watches over without slumber or sleep. Long live Israel- Justin Tabu

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