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Till He fill thy mouth with laughter,
and thy lips with shouting.

עַד יְמַלֵּה שְׂחוֹק פִּיךָ וּשְׂפָתֶיךָ תְרוּעָה

אִיּוֹב ח:כא

ad y’-ma-lay s’-khok pee-kha us-fa-te-kha t’-ru-a

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Today’s verse describes the joy of unexpected healing. While Job is in the midst of his suffering, it is almost impossible for him to imagine relief from his misery. He would feel so happy that his mouth would be filled with laughter. In hospitals across Israel, special teams of medical clowns show that laughter and healing go hand in hand. Israel’s medical clowns team up with doctors, nurses and therapists, decreasing anxiety and helping painful treatments for sick children. Help support 5 highly-trained new medical clowns in medical centers around Israel. With your support, 7,800 more hospitalized children will have a pleasant experience, and benefit from improved therapeutic outcomes.

Clowning Around in Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital (VIDEO)

Hadassah Hospital takes to heart the maxim: ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ Watch this dream team of medical clowns on the job, bringing joy to sick children in Jerusalem.

Need a Medical Procedure? Call in the Clowns!

Israel is internationally recognized for its high tech and medical advances. Slightly less well-known is Israel’s unique initiative of including medical clowns in the healing process for thousands of patients per year.

Learn a beautiful nighttime prayer

During the evening prayers, we ask God to lay us down in peace, and then allow us to wake up-alive and in peace. Though life is a major theme of this prayer, the secondary theme is peace-one of the most essential components for quality life. Learn the words to this meaningful prayer, set to a beautiful tune and accompanied by photographs of Israelis enjoying life in the Holy Land!

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Today’s Israel Photo

This adorable little boy is excited to be waving the Israeli flag that’s bigger than he is!

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