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Make signposts for yourself, set up landmarks … Return, O Maiden of Israel, return to these cities of yours.

הַצִּיבִי לָךְ צִיֻּנִים שִׂמִי לָךְ תַּמְרוּרִים
…שׁוּבִי בְּתוּלַת יִשְׂרָאֵל שֻׁבִי אֶל עָרַיִךְ אֵלֶּה

ירמיה לא:כ

ha-tzee-vee lakh tzi-yu-neem si-mee lakh tam-ru-reem… shu-vee b’-tu-lat yis-ra-ayl shu-vee el a-ra-yikh ay-le

Today’s Israel Inspiration

This incredible road sign provides a stark insight into life in Israel and the true miracle of Israel’s existence. Surely God could have nestled His Chosen Land in a more blissfully peaceful part of the world! Yet how much more so are we stirred to thank Him for the modern State of Israel, made all the more miraculous in our eyes when we view the road signs here in Israel.

Beautiful Hebrew Music Video of Prayer for the State of Israel

Watch the generations come together to pray for peace and safety of the State of Israel. Beautiful!

Where Were You on Israel Independence Day?

In the last few years, Israel’s Christian minority has stepped up its visibility while seeking greater participation within Israeli society. What were Christians in Israel doing on Israel Independence Day?

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus DVD

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus by Timothy Mahony, is a video presenting an examination of a plethora of information gathered during twelve years of research and travel, in an attempt to unlock and reveal evidence of one of the most well-known stories within biblical history, The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Literary, archaeological and historical records were examined to determine whether or not the famous story of the Exodus of Israelites from the land of Egypt is fact or fiction. The story of the journey into this investigation is available to you here on DVD. It is one that will intrigue you and help you to understand the patterns of evidence discovered.

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Israel Photo Trivia

Thanks to our reader Ronnie Goldstein for submitting this incredible photo. Can you guess where this road sign is located in Israel? Send me an email or post your answer on Facebook!

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