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In the middle of the night,
You have done wondrous miracles.

Passover Haggadah

וּבְכֵן וַיְהִי בַּחֲצִי הַלַּיְלָה אָז רוֹב נִסִּים הִפְלֵאתָ

הגדה של פסח

u-v’-khayn va-y’-hee ba-kha-tzee ha-lai-la az rov ni-seem hif-lay-ta

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The Seder includes a number of songs praising God for His presence in our lives as a people and as individuals. Today’s passage is from a song that recounts the great miracles that God performed for us throughout history in the middle of the night. It alludes to a message of hope that the “dawn” of redemption will follow the “night” and darkness of exile.”Geula” is a beautiful feminine Hebrew name that means “redemption.” Learn the meaning of your Hebrew name and proudly wear it on gold and silver jewelry from Israel.

Hebrew Music Monday: “Midnight Escape”

Watch, listen to and sing along with Israeli musician Yehuda Katz who recorded an incredible song based on today’s verse.

Who is Hurt By Missionizing? You Might Be Surprised

A new era of relations between Jews and Christians is just beginning, but an unexpected obstacle has arisen. Christians coming to investigate their Jewish roots are facing pressure to leave their Messianic beliefs behind.

Torah Codes End to Darkness DVD

The Torah Codes End to Darkness DVD demonstrates through first hand interviews and advanced computer technology that Biblical codes are mathematically provable. 2000 hidden codes have already been discovered!

Today’s Israel Photo

Evening in the modern city of Jaffa, once an ancient port city in the times of Jonah the prophet. Jaffa port was also the main entry point into Israel until the late 19th century, for Jews from around the world returning to the Land.

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Thank you so much for ISRAEL365. I enjoy reading the prayers. Shalom from Paris, France. AM ISRAEL CHAI- Jeannine Zimner

Thank you for the website and the wonderful photos of Yerushalyim. I am hoping to make aliyah in the future and seeing these photos make me want to get there even sooner. Fred Yehia, Vancouver CANADA

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