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Now we are here, but next year we shall be in the
Land of Israel. Now we are slaves, but next year
we shall be free!

Passover Haggadah

הָשַׁתָּא הָכָא לְשָׁנָה הַבָּאָה בְּאַרְעָא דְיִשְׂרָאֵל הָשַׁתָּא עַבְדֵי לְשָׁנָה הַבָּאָה בְּנֵי חוֹרִין

הגדה של פסח

ha-sha-ta ha-kha l’-sha-na ha-ba-a b’-ar-a d’-yis-ra-ayl ha-sha-ta av-day
l’-sha-na ha-ba-a b’-nay kho-reen

Today’s Israel Inspiration

This passage which appears in the beginning of the Passover Seder at first glance seems a bit repetitive. In reality, it expresses a two-fold prayer: first, we pray for our physical return to the Land of Israel followed by a spiritual, emotional return to God. In our day, we have witnessed the physical return and rebirth of the Land, let us pray that the second half is soon fulfilled as more and more people come closer and recognize the One, True God of Israel. Summit Institute brings physical and emotional stability for foster children throughout Israel, providing them safe, loving homes. Get their unique eHaggadah in Hebrew and English, as a free gift!

Passover: Breaking Ancient News

If the Passover story happened today, just imagine how the media would cover it!

Calculating the Messiah’s Arrival

In the words of one Rabbi, “it’s not the clock that tells us when Moshiach is here, but it is a return of the Jewish people to their God that triggers the Messianic age.”

Silver-Plated Shofar

The significance of the shofar dates back to the dawn of Jewish history, and its call still echoes today in synagogues all over the world. Playing an important role in the Bible, the shofar is a key part of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur, when it is played to mark the end of fasting. Shofars are also used to announce the new moon. The prized shofars of the Bar-Sheshet and Ribak families have a long and proud pedigree, reflecting the epic history of the Jewish people traveling throughout the diaspora and finally returning home to Israel.

Today’s Israel Photo

Yehoshua Halevi’s stunning photograph of the Shofar being sounded in the Land of Israel.

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Every little piece of Israel I can get here in Michigan, USA blesses my heart.
Shalom,  ~~Dee

My name is Jacqueline Houston. I live in Anchorage, Alaska. Ever since I discovered your website, I am even more encouraged to pray for Israel. I look forward every day to what you have to say & show me. Thank you, Jacque

Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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