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Eitan got this message (originally in Hebrew) from Lior a few days ago (which developed into a 1-2 hour conversation):

“Shalom Eitan!
I am a religious Jew, yet never really felt home at rabbinic Judaism because it seemed so superficial to me – does God really care if I do the Netilat Yadaym (symbolic washing of hands) before I eat bread? Or if I wear phylacteries or things like that? Why would He give us the Sabbath with so many weird rules such as not tearing toilet paper? It makes more sense that He would expect us to be good and that our hearts will be with Him. I don’t think he really cares if I twist strips of leather on my arm with an amulet over it…

So, one day I randomly opened my Bible (Hebrew Scriptures) in Daniel chapter 9, and read about the “Anointed One”. I was curious about who or what is it talking about, so I googled it and your website came up. 

From that point I read every possible article / video you have on your site and later also started reading the New Testament, and, it’s just… 
WOW!! It spoke to me so deeply!! It’s the real deal!! I agree with every single word that came out of Yeshua’s mouth!! It’s what I have been looking for all my life! 

However, I still have a few questions I would like to discuss with you…”

Please pray for Lior! We had a really great first discussion!

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