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I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Yerushalayim, they shall never hold their peace day nor night.

עַל חוֹמֹתַיִךְ יְרוּשָׁלִַם הִפְקַדְתִּי שֹׁמְרִים כָּל הַיּוֹם וְכָל הַלַּיְלָה תָּמִיד לֹא יֶחֱשׁוּ

ישעיהו סב:ו

al kh-mo-ta-yeekh y’-ru-sha-la-yeem hif-ka-d’-tee shom-reem kol ha-yom v’-khol ha-lai-la ta-meed lo ye-khe-shu

Jerusalem Inspiration

Throughout history, the ‘watchmen‘ of Jerusalem have taken many shapes and forms; guardians through might as well as those who protect the holy city through prayer.  One Christian organization, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN) has taken up the torch as a modern watchman of Jerusalem by invalidating and uncovering the lies behind the anti-zionist BDS movement.  Their latest documentary project, entitled Hating Israel: In Search of the Truth Behind BDS, is true to its name. PJTN’s unique methods of exposing the BDS lies make for an educational and enlightening experience.  Join the campaign to uncover the lies behind BDS.

The Anti BDS Video that Will Make You Laugh

Take a peak at the new documentary that is exposing BDS for what it really is: anti-semitism at its worst, and one big bad joke.

The Joke is On BDS

In their latest documentary project, entitled Hating Israel: In Search of the Truth Behind BDS,  PJTN exposes the fallacy of BDS, and reveals its hatred and lies about Israel, through humor!

Blue and Gold Oriental Hamsa Necklace

The Hamsa Necklace is painted with enamel and decorated with beautiful Swarovski crystals and bead patterns. The Hamsa is a common motif in Judaism – It is thought to protect against the “evil eye.” It is derived from a common symbol often used by Sephardic Jews who hailed from Middle Eastern countries.

Jerusalem Daily Photo

The old city of Jerusalem artistically portrayed by Yuval Shlomo.  If these walls could tak, the stories of tears, joy, and thousand of years of history would pour forth.

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Good morning Rabbi, Thank you for a wonderful page, My husband & I enjoy it, especially Zan. He spends hours reading & digesting everything on Jerusalem365. Have a good week, Noreen Swartzberg

Blessing from Jerusalem,
Rabbi Tuly Weisz

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