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US Visa Website Fails to Mention Israel

Monday, April 04, 2016 |  Tsvi Sadan  ISRAEL TODAY
American blogger Elder of Ziyon has pointed out a disturbing “sensitivity” of the “official U.S. VISA information and appointment services.” Of the countries listed on this government website, Cyprus does not have a flag and capital city. This is probably an indication of the United States‘ displeasure over the island’s division between Turkey and Cyprus.
Since this website is divided into rubrics representing countries, the rubrics separating between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv means that they represent two countries, but which? Since Israel does not appear on this list of countries, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem appear as some kind of unidentified, exterritorial cities.
If the removal of Cyprus’ flag is an indication of Washington’s disapproval with Cyprus, what should one think of the reasons behind the removal of a country’s flag and name? 
The exposure of Hilary Clinton’s emails, among them some that contain disturbing anti-Israel positions (one was even toying with the idea of a covert operation against the Israeli government), gave us a glimpse into the White House’s true feelings toward “America’s best ally in the Middle East.”
Clinton’s feelings toward Netanyahu’s government, unpleasant as they are, are but one indication of America’s displeasure with Israel. It would be unrealistic to think that she or John Kerry approved this visa website. 
Rather, these were administration personnel who instructed the webpage designers to hide Israel. If this is the case, then the separation of Tel Aviv from Jerusalem points to the consistent American refusal to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 
But how should we understand the removal of the country’s name? Is this a sign of American displeasure with Israel’s “occupation,” or, as Elder of Ziyon suggested, is America, much like Europe, capitulating to Islam and accepting an attitude of “Western dhimmitude”? 
This may explain why Tel Aviv can be viewed by those in the State Department as just another occupied Palestinian city.
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