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This book of Torah shall not depart out of thy mouth,
but thou shalt meditate therein day and night.

לֹא יָמוּשׁ סֵפֶר הַתּוֹרָה הַזֶּה מִפִּיךָ וְהָגִיתָ בּוֹ יוֹמָם וָלַיְלָה

יהושע א:ח

lo ya-mush say-fer ha-to-ra ha-ze mi-pee-kha v’-ha-gee-ta bo yo-mam va-lai-la

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The Torah begins with the letter ב/bet (‘In the beginning’/בראשית) and ends with the letter ל/lamed. Put the letters together and you get lev/לב, which means “heart.” The Torah is the heart and soul of the Jewish people and is an expression of God’s love towards all of mankind. By learning its words, we glean insight into the “heart” of God. Connect with the heart of Israel and join one of our new, free Israel Bible reading plans! Select any of the 24 books of the Bible, and you’ll get daily inspiration as you follow along with the Hebrew and English text.

Hiker Finds Rare Coin in Israel

A woman hiking in the Galilee has discovered a 2,000 year-old gold coin that bears the face of a Roman emperor. It is so rare that only one other such coin is known to exist.

Rapture vs. Resurrection: Christian and Jewish Concepts of Redemptive Rebirth

End of Days expert and prolific author Rabbi Pinchas Winston explains that the concept of rapture – which has been popularized in recent years by the Christian fiction series Left Behind – is actually based on a Jewish idea.

Priestly Purification Five Coin Necklace

Wear a piece of biblical history from the City of David in Jerusalem! This stunning necklace includes five coins, modeled after fascinating archaeological finds. Included are silver seals which replicate coins of the era, and two are 22K gold plated replicas of seals. One of the coins is a replica of a specific coin believed to have been used by priests when inspecting the viability of a product for the Temple as it was entering the grounds. If it was fit for use, it would be marked “pure”. The silver coin at the center is an exact replica of the priestly seal bearing the words “deka leyah” which is the aramaic for “pure for God”. It hails from the Second Temple period.

Today’s Israel Photo

Today’s photo by Yehoshua Halevi shows a scribe (“sofer”) writing a Torah scroll, in fulfillment of the last mitzvah of the Torah which says “And now, write for yourselves this song, and teach it to the Children of Israel.” (Deut. 31:19)

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