Doug Addison: “Prophetic Word: Let Go and Make Room for God in the New” Plus “Jesus and the Inter(net)” – The Elijah List

Doug Addison: “Prophetic Word: Let Go and Make Room for God in the New” Plus “Jesus and the Inter(net)”

The Elijah List   March 19, 2016

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:
I love this word because much of it has to do with doing ministry on the Internet.
When Jesus told His disciples (and the rest of us) to GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL, little did the known world know at that time that many of us would be “going” by Internet.
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And now, virtually every person reading this, including you, has the same opportunity to grow “a following” on the Internet – a following of people you can encourage and preach the Gospel to.
It is my strong desire to see countless others do what we are doing. Why not make a significant difference in your world right from your laptop?
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We are still in a strategic time of restoration and repayment for the things that we have lost over the past few years. If you are still losing money or emotional energy from things God had previously called you to, then pray about this.
As you cut ties to the past God can then bring these things back to you in greater ways. Do not worry about thinking logically because what is happening right now is spiritual.
“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.”  Isaiah 43:18
Let Go of the Past
This will require many of us to make some radical changes and let go of connections to the past. This might be things that God had called you to in a previous season that are no longer what He is doing now. Also, some people have been holding on to possessions and properties that are causing losses in your life. 
If your finances are hemorrhaging over businesses, decisions, purchases or possessions made in the past, then it might be time to let them go.(Photo via dreamstime)
I had to let go of a business that I felt God tell me to start in 2010. It never took off and we lost money on it. I was not sure why this happened until I started hearing the stories of hundreds of people who experienced something similar.
We were all in a seven-year season of heavy opposition of the enemy. 
It may have been that it was God’s intention for those good things to happen, but due to spiritual warfare, poor decisions, or others saying no, the result was that those businesses, projects, etc. became no longer effective and are now void.
As I look back at that experience I can now see that I was trying to put “new wine into an old wineskin.” God had called me to something radically new, but I was trying to use the old way of doing things and it just would not work. As I closed that business, it freed things up spiritually. And a legal document we needed came to us a few months later. 
Be willing to give things up that are not working so you can move into this new time with a new strategy.
God’s Call to the Internet
Prophet Bob Jones called me in 2007 and shared a vision God had given him about me. Bob saw all kinds of computers that were connected together with wires. He was seeing the Internet, but he did not have words for it.(Photo via Flickr)
The enemy was using these computers and the wires for evil. Then an angel gave me a silver hacksaw and I began cutting into the wires and short circuiting the plans of the enemy and putting in the glory of God instead.
I have a high-tech background so I did my best to activate this prophetic word by launching our first Spirit Connection webinars in 2008. It was a terrible year for us. We went through a major split within my ministry, I stopped getting speaking invitations and our website got hacked. On top of it we went over $30,000 in debt. 
It is common to get opposition when you move into new territory.
I stayed with the calling God had given me to do ministry through the Internet. But I was still traveling to over 150 live conferences a year and I was exhausted. I had almost given up on the vision of the Internet until 2012 when God gave me a radical new strategy. We were able to pay off the $30,000 debt in a matter of three days. It took a major mindset change for me to do ministry in a different way.

ElijahList Prophetic Resources
Today we are debt-free, we have an Internet-based ministry and I have an amazing team of virtual employees. My Daily Prophetic Words, monthly Spirit Connection webcast and blog now go all over the world. We are able to touch way more people than I would have if I had stayed with our old way of operating.
Our online courses not only touch more people, they help fund our ministry so that I can have the freedom to do what God calls me to do, when He calls me to do itAs you let go of the past, you will make room for God to give you a new strategy.
Radio, TV and the Internet
In the early 1920s, healing evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson rocked the entire world with God’s love and power. She was one of the few who were able to radically change the arts and entertainment industry in Hollywood. She did this through radio, the cutting-edge media of her day. She owned one of the first Christian radio stations that broadcasted her messages in a new way.(Photo of Aimee Semple McPherson via Wikipedia)
Similarly, God gave Rex Humbard a vision to take the message of Jesus into the homes of people all over the world through TV. He started the first Christian television network in the 1950s. Humbard influenced so many people in the entertainment industry with his willingness to use media that he was asked to officiate Elvis Presley’s funeral.
Jesus and the Internet
Just as radio and television were used by God in the past, God is bringing a new calling and anointing to the Internet. 
In Luke 5, Jesus actually did something similar as He stood in a boat on a lake to broadcast His message to more people.
This position actually provided natural amplification as His voice would carry better over the water. Previously, speakers were limited to buildings and synagogues. But Jesus used a style of speaking and communicating that made it easy for the common people to hear and understand Him.
When He was done teaching, Jesus turned to the owners of the boat and said,“Put out into deep water.” Luke 5:4
He was going to show these seasoned fisherman how to fish in a new way. He showed them supernaturally where the fish were located. When they let down their nets there were so many fish that the nets broke and they had to call other boats over to help them—which symbolizes the need for networking(Photo via Wikimedia)
God is releasing a new strategy to use the Internet for something different than what it is currently being used for. He is calling us to “fix the net” (the Internet). 
There are angels and heavenly resources being released right now to repair the damage from the Internet and bring us new strategies to catch fish for the Kingdom, which is symbolic of encountering people in need of God’s love.
Watch as God releases new strategies to help fund new Kingdom projects. If you have wanted to be part of a cutting-edge movement of God, then I would like to invite you to be part of changing the world through the Internet.
Doug Addison
InLight Connection
Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps people discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug releases Daily Prophetic Words online and is the author of several books, including 2016 Prophetic ForecastUnderstand Your Dreams Now: Spiritual Dream Interpretation andPersonal Development God’s Way. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.
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