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The stone which the builders rejected is become
the chief corner-stone.


אֶבֶן מָאֲסוּ הַבּוֹנִים הָיְתָה לְרֹאשׁ פִּנָּה

תהילים קיח:כב

e-ven ma-ah-su ha-bo-neem ha-y’-ta l’-rosh pi-na

Jerusalem Inspiration

Today’s verse refers to King David, the second monarch of Israel.  David was the youngest son of Jesse and his ordination came as a surprise to his family.  The ‘hated stone’, the seemingly young, immature or unworthy brother, was chosen as king, the ‘cornerstone‘ of the Davidic dynasty.  King David’s message is clear; every individual has intrinsic value and endless potential.  ‘TikvaHope’ brings joy to underprivileged children who truly take this message to heart. This Purim, show kindness to the neediest youth of Israel, and help them discover their inner value.

The Meaning Behind a Name

Listen to the story of how one young couple experienced amazing inspiration in choosing a name for their newborn son. A true testament to the unity of the Jewish nation.

A Star is Born,
With a Little Help

With the help of a crucial after school program, one young Israeli child has turned the tides from a childhood of misfortune to a thriving, rising star.

Vibrant Poster of Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is the holiest and most adored in Jewish tradition. This is highlighted throughout the Bible which describes the city as the height of beauty. In Tamar Messer’s hands, the Holy City transforms into a vivid dream, the Jerusalem stone and the orange and yellow hues so commonly found in its streets, depicted with a unique vibrancy.

Jerusalem Daily Photo

Today’s picture by Yehoshua Halevi shows the note filled stones of the Western Wall.  This is just one of the ways that man attempts to communicate with God.

Yesterday’s Photo Trivia

The indentations shown in yesterday’s photo are called crenulations.  These indentations can occur naturally in nature, or they can be chiseled into the stone structure as was done in the old city walls.

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I  look forward and enjoy my Jerusalem365 every morning … G-d bless Israel and all of you for bringing this to us daily and all your effort to do so. Thank you again.
Muriel Koshner

Many thanks for all the wonderful pictures and Scripture which are very encouraging for those of us who are learning (slowly) Hebrew. Regards from Scotland, Alexandra Smith

Blessing from Jerusalem,
Rabbi Tuly Weisz


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