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Whosoever there is among you of all His people–his God be with him–let him go up to Yerushalayim, which is in Yehuda, and build the house of the LORD, the God of Yisrael, He is the God who is in Yerushalayim.

מִי-בָכֶם מִכָּל-עַמּוֹ יְהִי אֱ-לֹהָיו עִמּוֹ וְיַעַל לִירוּשָׁלִַם אֲשֶׁר בִּיהוּדָה וְיִבֶן אֶת-בֵּית יְ-הוָה אֱלֹהֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל הוּא הָאֱ-לֹהִים אֲשֶׁר בִּירוּשָׁלִָם

עזרא א:ג

mee- va-khem mi-kol a-mo y’-hee e-lo-hav i-mo v’-ya-al lee-ru-sha-la-yeem a-sher bee-y’-hu-da v’-y’-ven et bayt a-do-nai e-lo-hay yis-ra-ayl hu ha-e-lo-heem a-sher bee-ru-sha-la-yeem

Jerusalem Inspiration

Many people associate the term “Zionists” with the Jewish émigrés returning to Israel during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In truth, however, the first returnees to Zion were those who returned from the Babylonian exile with Ezra and Nehemiah 2500 years ago. With the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple we might have expected the Jewish people to disappear in the Babylonian exile, but, as Jeremiah predicted, they miraculously persisted. They adopted a three step approach: remember the past, live in the present, and hope for the future. And always within that projected future, the Land of Israel was central.  Keep your heart and mind focused on the Land of Israel each day with any one of the Israel Bible Reading Plans. Sign up now and receive our FREE eBook “24 Inspirational Verses From the 24 Books of the Bible”.

Beautiful Israel

From Bethlehem, to the Jordan River, to the Dead Sea, to Jerusalem; here are more gorgeous scenes of Israel!

Israeli Product Labeling Met With Scorn by Dutch Christian Organization

When the European Union passed a resolution in January to label products made in the West Bank a Dutch Christian organization that promotes Israeli products for Biblical and ideological reasons was up in arms.

Artistic Shabbat Candles With Tray

This stunning glass candlestick and tray combination brought to you by Lily Art will enhance the radiance of your Shabbat candles. Handmade by Israeli artists, each one-of-a-kind design incorporates a beautiful aspect of the Land of Israel, and its Biblical tradition.

Jerusalem Daily Photo

Today’s picture, taken by Elad Matityahu, shows a man wearing a tallit (prayer shawl) praying towards the Temple Mount. The holiest place in Judaism, in Biblical times, thousands upon thousands of people would come to the Temple on the three pilgrimage festivals.

Yesterday’s Photo Trivia

Yesterday’s photo provides concrete evidence of the Roman destruction of Jerusalem; the huge stones were thrown down and have there remained to this day.  What had been a sign of destruction and despair now lies amongst a bustling city thriving with renewal!

Thank You

Today’s Scenes and Inspiration is sponsored by Eduardo Rey of Spain . Todah rabah!

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Thank you for all the wonderful information about Israel and God’s chosen people. I stand with Israel and pray for Israel every day. You are a beautifu people.- Penny Gibson

Blessing from Jerusalem,
Rabbi Tuly Weisz


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