This Is The Hottest Israeli Song And It’s Sweeping The WORLD Off Their Feet – ISRAEL VIDEO NETWORK

This Is The Hottest Israeli Song And It’s Sweeping The WORLD Off Their Feet 


“G-d is the King, G-d is ruling, G-d will rule forever and ever!” This song actually epitomizes the idea behind Rosh HaShana, the Jewish New Year. According to Jewish tradition believes that the world was created on the first day of the Jewish month of Tishrei, the Jewish New Year. On this day, the Jewish nation announces that G-d is King and rules the world. This is done by blowing the Shofar , the rams horn, as if trumpeting in the King.
There is much thought and Jewish philosophy is truly a part of this very important milestone on the Jewish calendar. As for anointing G-d as King of the world – some do it by beheading “infidels”, and some do it with a shofar. It’s that simple.
Published: March 9, 2016

Steve Martin

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